The Best Nerf Guns for a Nerf Party

Need parties are both fun and exciting. Nerf battles add a little zing to how your parties go. Instead of sitting about bored, guests could be out and about in the outdoors.

Of course, a nerf party is nothing without a good Nerf Gun. This article reveals some of the best Nerf guns to make your nerf battle super-fun and exciting. The nerf guns in this article are also some of the safest.

NERF Megalodon N-Strike Mega

The Megalodon N-Strike is among the most popular Nerf guns on the market. It comes with a huge rotating barrel that holds up to 20 bullets. You can choose to shoot individual bullets or hold the top for rapid fire.

Pros of this gun

The rapid-fire option of this gun adds to the fun of any nerf gun party. The gun is also suitable for people of all ages, as smaller kids can use the crank as a handle to get a better grip.

Cons of this gun

The disadvantage of this gun is that it only uses Mega bullets, which could limit the user’s options when he runs out of bullets.

NERF Zombie Strike Slingfire Blaster

The Zombie Slingfire Blaster is a shotgun replica and even uses the same type of mechanism. To shoot, you’d have to pull back the bottom lever before pushing the trigger.

Zombie Blasters come with customized green bullets, but it is still possible to use regular nerf bullets. Except you want the cool factor.

Pros of this Gun

If you are hosting a kid’s party, they are bound to fall in love with the zombie theme of this gun. They are large enough to shoot enough bullets, so they can give you a competitive edge. Plus, they work with different types of clips.

Cons of this Gun

They are large guns and may not be suitable for smaller kids. They also tend to jam a lot, which can be frustrating amid a raging battle. However, it is pretty simple to remove jammed bullets.

NERF N Strike Elite Strongman

The Elite Strongman is a very dependable NERF gun. It is not as large as the other NERF guns, and you can easily handle them with one arm. Due to its size, it is suitable for kids of all ages.

It has a barrel that can hold six bullets at once. You will have to pull back the slide at the top of the gun before pulling the trigger.

Pros of This Gun

This gun’s size makes it ideal for people of all ages. Its use, from shooting to reloading, is one of the easiest you can ever find.

The Elite Strongman is also one of the guns to jam the least. This gun will give the edge over bigger guns that jam frequently. These guns are also incredibly cheap to buy.

Cons of this Gun

The Elite Strongman is not as fancy as the bigger guns, so kids are likely to turn them down. Also, this gun doesn’t shoot as far as other guns, so you’ll have to get close to your opponent.

NERF Gun Tri-Strike

The Nerf Tri-Strike is a sure way to add some extra fun to a nerf party.

Your guests or kids will immediately fall in love with the extra features that the Tri-Strike provides.

Unlike the other guns that shoot either mega or regular bullets, the Nerf Tri-Strike shoots both. In addition, the gun comes with a rocket shooter at the top, and the versatility alone is enough to appeal to anyone.

The Tri-Strike is a modulus nerf gun, which means you can customize it to suit your preference. You can use any modulus attachment to give you an even better edge.

Pros of This Gun

This gun is versatile and gives you an edge during a nerf war. Also, these guns do not need batteries to run and have customizable attachments.

Cons of This Gun

The Tri-Strike is not suitable for children of all ages. Smaller kids will struggle with using this gun, especially when trying to shoot the rocket.

NERF Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster

You can have fun with this gun that looks like it came directly from a Star Wars movie. The Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster has a clip that holds 12 rounds and can have parts added or removed.

Pros of This Gun

The Stormtrooper will work well with Star Wars Fan. It also works as a modulus gun, so you can customize your gun as you deem fit.

Cons of This Gun

It doesn’t have a long firing range and is also unsuitable for people of all ages.


NERF parties are fun to host, but you need suitable NERF guns to have the best of time. The guns suggested in this article can add a little bit of excitement to the party. Have Fun!