New Video By See Your Shadow “Take It to Your Grave”

There are so many instances in life when we have to figure out what the right thing to do is. Decisions like that make life tricky, especially when the seemingly right answer hurts other people. See Your Shadow’s song, “Take It To Your Grave”, is a heart wrenching tale about a man who takes a huge secret to his grave so that he doesn’t hurt those important to him. Telling them the truth would blow up their entire worlds, so he keeps his secret, even if it pains him.

His emotion is telling and portrayed so well by his voice. He’s a talented vocalist and storyteller, easily tugging on the heartstrings of his listeners over a dilemma that people face in all sorts of ways. An artist’s biggest superpower is touching the heart of their listeners, and See Your Shadow does that with ease. His music is from the heart, and there’s no better place for music to come from.