Sp8ce Owl Presents “Digital Breathing”

One of the most treasured characteristics of music is its capacity to teleport listeners to distant places and worlds beyond our experiences and imaginations. Artists can spend years working toward this level of depth and virtuosity to create such eminently connective pieces of musical literature, yet it’s a power that not all can acquire with sizable impact. For Sp8ce Owl, the key to creating transcendental EDM tracks came to him naturally. He has demonstrated proven mastery in every multidimensional release. By utilizing electronic sounds and melodies, Sp8ce Owl readjusts our visions of reality, fantasy, and the gray areas in between across all the tenses of time. That is a lot of coverage of the vastly explored and uncharted universe in a short span since debuting in 2021. Now with his latest single, “Digital Breathing,” Sp8ce Owl is continuing his out-of-body travel experiences through producing music, and once again, he’s taking full advantage of his faculty to share them with his new and returning fans.

The song offers a timely perspective that looks ahead to a potentially not too far away future. Ideas that were once strictly sci-fi are already coming to fruition, including impressively and threateningly realistic humanoid robots and the increasingly popular virtual network of the Metaverse. With the world heading in a direction where these immersive, life-changing technologies are more regular than not, the instrumental voices in “Digital Breathing” tread lightly, carefully, and strategically, as perhaps more people should be with these kinds of robust advancements. Still, the combined strings, piano, horns, and percussion lines also help audiences get into a state of mind to further examine the groundbreaking wonders and escapades made possible by the same devices.

The aforementioned predictions are visualized directly throughout the “Digital Breathing” music video. Our phones, laptops, and tablets have overtaken us in many ways, but we have also allowed them to do so with our strengthening dependence and relationships with our interactive screens. It is much more than cameras as another set of eyes; it is the matching of humans to digitized personas that can eventually substitute our adventures beyond technology. It may sound dystopian to some or like uncalled-for worrying by others, but regardless of how it is perceived, this is a rapidly spreading reality on what could be a more virtual horizon soon.

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