New Single Release from Grenada Musician Mathias Williams “Back To You” Feat Sheeran

Matthias Williams & Sheeran infuses “Back To You (feat. Sheeran Brizan)” with a sense of longing. The romanticism of the verses & Mathias’ saxophone prowess proves irresistible, as does the constantly growing ebb of energy. Pop, industrial, dance, all of this filters into the sound adding to its sense of urgency. Beats hit with a physicality to them. With a structure that has a distinct muscle behind it they make sure that every gesture counts. In fact, thanks to the relatively short duration of the track, it lends it that additional weight. Their yearning feels visceral and does not let up at all. Rather, the lyrics are carefully buttressed by the overall sense of power.

Sheeran’s vocals introduce the work alongside Matthias’ sax. From this point the rest of the atmosphere gradually comes into place. Upon everything locking in the groove becomes a virtual maelstrom allowing everything plenty of room with which to roam. Lots of it holds up nicely, almost crushing the listener into submission. This is what the journey back to someone truly loved feels like, like gasping for air. Due to this tact the song has a heartfelt nuance to it, with the song constantly becoming ever more unstable. Lots of it has a great attention to detail, and the production itself has a glossy sheen one that deserves to be heard on the radio.

“Back To You (feat. Sheeran Brizan)” revels in the intrinsic detail, showing off Mathias Williams’ uncanny ability to explore what truly powers a relationship.

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