Heather May Releases Single from Upcoming Album Folk Revival

Job combines the story of an old Biblical character with my own. Growing up, the book of Job was often used as an example of how we should ‘trust god in difficult times.’ Near the beginning of his story, Job loses his whole family. At the end of the story, god gives him a new one. Before experiencing my own form of tragedy, I embraced that conclusion. Four years ago, I began to learn that healing is a lot more complicated than that. Since then, I’ve thought a lot about all the expectations (religious or not) that revolve around turning pain into something good, using it to show how strong we are, or faithful, or driven, or whatever. I wrote this song when I was tired of all of that. I wanted this song to be angry, I wanted it to be raw, and real. I wanted people to know that pain doesn’t work like that. We can’t say ‘the end’ and walk away. In many ways, I feel like a lot of Job’s story began right where it ended; this song leans into that while exploring some of my thoughts on religion and loss.

Link to music: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0TOvV5tNC8JiVcFCIHvQRM