New Video By Albert Cummings “Two Hands”

Albert Cummings’ ten albums from the last decade are a testament to his incredible work ethic and the countless hours producing mixtures of soul-stirring country, powerful rock, moving soul, soothing blues, and distinct americana. The sounds that derive from these genres are evident in his work as he combines exhilarating instrumentals with emotionally complex lyrics. These captivating combinations keep fans across the globe anticipating what’s next. “Two Hands,” from his most recent album, Ten, will certainly strike a chord and instill a blazing motivation within listeners. The song demonstrates who Cummings truly is, where he’s at in his life, and how he managed to get there through his undeniable diligence. His immense expertise and dedication have led him to craft this newest album with the greats, from Grammy award-winning producer Chuck Ainlay to accomplished musicians: drummer Greg Morrow, bassist Glenn Worf, keyboardist Michael Rojas, and guitarist Rob McNelley. Cummings’ astounding track record continues to prosper as he works hard with his own “two hands.”

Cummings’ humble beginnings allowed him to recognize the importance and necessity of hard work. Acting as a reminder to those who may feel defeated and unmotivated, the track’s country-rock flair serves as the perfect energy to uplift and inspire. Cummings emphasizes the importance of sticking to one’s words with actions and refusing to quit despite hardships, declaring, “I don’t know what the word ‘quit’ means; it’s a word I will never use,” and, “I say what I do, and I do what I say… I know what it’s like, working hard every day.” The track will surely have listeners up and moving in no time, with a newfound determination to get things done and reap their well-deserved rewards!

Beginning with vigorous guitar and Cummings’ bright smile, viewers are immediately thrust into the inspiring essence of “Two Hands.” The black and white visuals allow for the lively instrumentals and expressions of Cummings, and the enthusiastic band, to shine, just as the sunlight beams through the barn windows behind them. The band receives the recognition they deserve as each musician is displayed while they play their parts in bringing the song to life. The music video perfectly displays Cummings and his fellow musicians in their element, working hard and doing what they do best!

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