Christopher The Grey New Single ‘Oh My Damn’

Christopher the Grey presents a flow that is pure fire, “Oh My Damn!” Hard to deny the absolute infectiousness of the rhythm, he’s able to ride the beat with ease. The layers that he sculpts have gorgeousness. Beats hit hard, punctuating the power of his words. Word choice matters because he observes his environment in such a stark, brutal way. A careful balance from the rhythm section helps the song along, featuring a descriptive power to it.

The sound starts up immediately as he drops you right into the middle of things. A darkened quality runs through the whole thing. With the noir-like aspect to it, the late-night vibes feel genuine. There is also a swirling aspect to the way the verses cascade downwards. Production values have an opulence to them, as it displays sleekness from start to end. Vocals truly rest right in the very center of the track, as he delivers every single line with gusto. Quite muscular at times even, the piece goes for the cyclical, as if reliving the same experience repeatedly, trying to go through all the finer points in one’s mind.

“Oh My Damn!” indeed shows off the impeccable delivery and showmanship of Christopher the Grey.

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