Esports vs Traditional Sports: Are There Any Differences?

The modern age of technologies has developed a convenient environment for esports. People can play their favorite video games and even make a profit from their hobby. That’s basically how the world of traditional sports works. But instead of football and basketball games, we have video games.

If you consider joining the esports community, you need to know what to expect from it. If you have an experience in traditional sports, you need to know how it is different from esports. Expanding your knowledge in this regard is in your very best interest.

Similarities between esports and traditional sports

Huge salaries:

Both sectors are known for players’ high incomes. Bettors on esports and sports can also expect equally solid winnings. In fact, the rewards for succeeding at esports tournaments are comparable to those of traditional sports associations.


Both esports and traditional sports have a duration to play. While playing football in a real game, the ordinary duration of the game is an hour and a half with a break of 45 minutes. The duration of esport match is changed to a more limited term coded to look like a real match.

Intense training:

The importance of practicing at can hardly be denied. The same thing goes with these two types of sports. All athletes and professional gamers have to train every day to achieve the desired level of success. The only difference here is that athletes focus on their physical development while professional gamers are more into gaming reflexes and reactions.

Difference between esports and traditional sports


Esports can be played at home or on the go. All you need is a desktop or mobile device with speedy WiFi in your hands. With traditional sports, the physical presence in the event is a must.

Presence of referees:

Referees are the people on duty that aims to keep the whole game under control. They usually manage the traditional sports game. Meanwhile, esports events are managed without any referees. And this approach seems to work perfectly well.

In esport games, the referee doesn’t need to be present physically. You can yield a goal without seeing the video partner referee. It’s not hard to defy the guideline in esports because no physical violence will affect you.


The number of views does matter as it demonstrates the public interest in this or that event, team, and player. Esports viewership hasn’t reached the heights of traditional sports as of now. In 2022, it has been estimated that the whole esports industry has a net worth of $1 billion.

Equipment expenses:

Equipment required to enjoy esports events is very expensive. Equipment for playing video games in huge open areas takes thousands or even millions of dollars. Well, traditional sports also have a couple of expensive disciplines. For example, karting, horse riding, and a couple of other selective games come up with high initial expenses.


In traditional game matches, teams are moved from one place to another where the match is conducted via buses and planes. It demonstrates large traveling costs. But this isn’t the case with electronic-sports players because they can enjoy the matches without leaving the comfort of their home.

Physical injuries:

The physical injuries often happen to traditional sports players. In the esports sector, this problem doesn’t exist at all. The biggest physical issue for esports followers is associated with long hours sitting with a phone in your hands.


In traditional games, coaches aim to guide the teams throughout the gaming and betting process. Coaches also help in enhancing convenience and flexibility among the players. They also try to encourage them whenever they feel upset. But this is not the case with esports. Players have to practice the skills of self-motivation.

Final Word

In 2022, people are getting more and more interested in esports. Despite having lots of similarities to traditional sports, it offers a new experience that needs you to leave the comfort zone. So you should try your chances with esports teams if you demonstrate a pure interest in it.