Joshua Ketchmark Releases Reflective Album with ‘Blood’

It’s safe to say that Joshua Ketchmark poured his ‘Blood’, sweat and tears into this new record where Joshua Ketchmark can be heard laying it all on the table. ‘Blood’ is Joshua’s 10th studio album and the singer/songwriter states that this project is all about his past. Joshua provides an all-access pass and inside look into the life & times of Joshua Ketchmark. ‘Blood’ is based on true events and gives an accurate & intimate perspective on one man and his storied past.

I truly enjoy Joshua’s approach here because he’s not afraid to be vulnerable for the listener’s sake by showing that he bleeds red just like everyone else. That vulnerability makes Joshua Ketchmark a certifed pro when it comes to being a real artist. Actual ‘Blood’ was not shed during the making this album however Joshua’s personal accounts were put on full display for all to hear. For that reason alone, I commend Joshua Ketchmark and his efforts on this sincere project.

Let’s dive into ‘Blood’ now! The record starts up with a great intro on “No Stopping Us” that proves to be a lively ride that is heading in the right direction. Next is “Covered in Blood” that is a total joy to listen to and the song has an incredibly catchy hook/melody in place. “Covered in Blood” seems to have that major Pop appeal that makes it 100 % radio-friendly, in my opinion. Track three, “Follow Me Home”, provides a strong delivery and powerful performance by Joshua K, so brace yourselves for a phenomenal listening experience. Moving along, we hear “Been Gone” that contains emotionally-driven lyrics & vocals along with a gripping & inviting sound overall. Track five, “Death Trap”, showcases Joshua Ketchmark as a premier storyteller where he is able to paint a vivid picture through music while keeping the audience engaged from start to finish. Next, on “All I See” Joshua can be heard delivering a rock-star performance and fan-favorite, in my honest opinion. Track seven, “Deadliest Thing”, is a killer track where the singing & instrumentation are both spot on and the song, itself, will instantly grab you and not let go. Joshua decides to go very direct and personal on “Casual Subtitles” where Ketchmark is singing & playing from a deep place and the result is wonderful to witness. Track nine, “Ashes”, is on fire and offers complete symmetry from a musical standpoint. Get ready for striking chords that will hit you hard on “Crossbone” and then prepare to consume “Once the Whiskey” that will brighten your mood and get you feelin’ good real quick! Joshua is closing the show with style & class, so let’s all head to “Tazewell County Line” and meet the man of the hour there.

Joshua Ketchmark is bearing his soul for us on ‘Blood’ and the end result is a resounding triumph. Joshua impresses me with his ability to craft a song into a well-versed story that will capture the hearts and imaginations of many people out there. Joshua Ketchmark is hoping that this record “will find its way into the soundtrack of your life” and I have a funny feeling it will. ‘Blood’ is set to be released July 08, 2022, so think about adding Joshua Ketchmark to your library; you won’t regret it!