Cary Shields Off to the Races with “Run Rabbit”

As soon as you hit play, the listener will be invited into an adventurous world where “Run Rabbit” reigns supreme. Cary Shields is a creative spirit who has composed a song that is full of spirit. Based in Kentucky, Cary is a talented singer/songwriter & drummer with a snappy tune in his hands called “Run Rabbit”.

With elements of folk & country, Cary exhibits a rootsy, Americana vibe that is enticing to listeners worldwide. “Run Rabbit” will be running through your mind all day with its catchy hook and melody. Lyrically, Cary Shields appears to be quite the storyteller with “Run Rabbit” being his newest tale. This latest track from Cary will wrap around your ears and stick to you like a Blue Velveteen. Get ready to bounce along to Cary’s newest creation titled “Run Rabbit”.

Listeners will hop along to the peppy beat on “Run Rabbit” courtesy of Cary Shields and his fine-tuned playing. This song displays a fun-filled sound ‘n’ vibe overall that will overtake you as you listen. “Run Rabbit” is all about good times, so just prepare to sing & dance from beginning to end.

I thoroughly enjoyed Cary’s musical style here with “Run Rabbit” as it instantly clicked with me and drew me in. There’s a quote on Cary’s website that reads “A Change Had Begun” and I will say “Run Rabbit” will change your mood from sad to happy or mad to glad. Either way, one will come away feeling much better and more fulfilled chasing after this melodic Rabbit. Run and try to catch this tune while you can and enjoy the total experience of “Run Rabbit”. Cary Shields supplies the perfect bounce factor with his recent release and he is winning the race with “Run Rabbit”.

By Jimmy Rae (