6 Features Of Earbuds To Watch Before Making A Purchase

The world of music is changing rapidly, and it’s not surprising that headphones are evolving as well. This is why it’s important to take a look at the features of earbuds before making a purchase.

While most people tend to stick to their headphones when listening to music, there are some key features to consider before buying earbuds. These include the following:

Sound quality

Now, the sound is one of the biggest factors in how good you feel while wearing earphones.

How much do you pay for your headphones?

Are they comfortable? Are there ads or noises that distract you when you’re trying to listen to something?

These are all questions that go through your mind every time you think about buying some new headphones.

The best way to be satisfied with the audio experience from your headphones is by going into the purchase feeling confident in your choice. If you’re unsure, then this list will help you pick which pair of earphones is right for you.

Listening motivation helps you put space behind you, and make the choice to keep listening even if you aren’t sure why you should.

It gives you an incentive to stay active.

And it keeps you connected to what you’re hearing at the moment. Knowing yourself better can help you find solutions to work out.

Consider taking an exercise class or doing yoga to improve the audio experience in your ears. 

Also, consider investing in a set of noise-canceling headphones, so you can avoid distractions outside of your chosen music.

Battery life

Two things reduce the battery life on your tactical earbuds; heat and pressure.

Heat is defined as having high temperatures around people using low-quality earphones, such as ones that have no extra wires or cables. Pressure is defined as how hard you listen to music, such as being able to hear everything all night without needing to turn it up so loud.

Combined with large batteries, these can be major issues for some users. If you experience both heat and pressure while wearing your headphones, then you may need a new pair. You can solve this by putting small vents in each headphone port.

These act like air conditioning units, taking the hot air away from the speakers and ears. This reduces the heat by diluting the heat even further.

The better solution though is to put more efficient batteries into each headpiece. The best way to do this is by shopping around. People who already use better batteries will probably want yours.

If budget allows, invest in wireless charging systems for your phone (these costs much less than if you bought them separately).

They charge slowly but steadily and don’t take long to fully power down, unlike mobile phones which are still being charged.

Noise isolation

No matter what type of headphones you wear, making sure they are comfortable is something that needs consideration. Too much cushioning around your head can make it feel like your keeping putting your neck in a vice grip!

An average office environment can be more distracting than helpful when it comes to productivity.

If you work at a desk, you will always be distracted by phone messages and emails.

No amount of noise cancellation or amp knobs will fix this problem; if you work at an office and listen to other people’s conversations, then you would know how difficult it can be to block out distractions such as noisy coworkers and bosses.

Headphones that fall into this category do not necessarily have extra-long cords so you can choose whether to stay near your desk or not. You can check these Runmus headsets featuring a noise-canceling mic. They also come with built-in noise reduction software which has become very common in recent years.

Are there discounts for buying a pair in a bundle?

Discounts are offered for buying a pair of earphones together with other items such as Bluetooth headsets or tablets. Check your local store directory or online resources (such as Retail Me Not or ColorViewFinder) for retailers offering discount bundles.

Does it come in my preferred color?

Once you have your earphones, you’re going to want to know how to use them. You need to understand what colors they are equipped for :

Bluetooth is divided into two groups, one for blue light (violet) through orange-red.

The second group is for green light (green) through purplish white.

Most smartphones these days offer at least some options of both types. But if you plan to take your headphones off and go somewhere else, you may not be able to find either type.

Do they smell bad?

Holding your breath is not easy, so once you put them in your ears, you will be retching (or breathing through your nose) until those buds are out of your ears.

Also, make sure that there is no liquid left behind from a spill or if they were dropped in water, make sure it’s only slightly wet. And lastly, do not put them in your eyes; this can cause redness and temporary blindness.

To clean them, first, flush out any excess debris with tap water. Then stick them in the wash for their entire lifespan (which isn’t much).

Next, try rubbing down the inside of the earphones with some petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. This helps protect the plastics against damage caused by rain/humidity and dust.

Last but not least, don’t forget to give them an airing after use.