@skopemag review – ‘Decisions (Remix)’ By Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz

Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz embrace a truly remarkable luscious sound with “Decisions (Remix)”. The instrumental variety has a grandeur to it, and they offer a wide spectrum of styles. Saxophone, bass, ambient washes, all of these come through to create this peaceful quality one that draws the listener into this finely honed sound. Everything here works for there is a graciousness that they employ over the course of the entire thing. By making sure that they do not waste a single moment the piece has a power to it, one that has a doubly reassuring aspect to it.

From the very beginning there is a beauty about it. The arrangement feels quite lively. Everything about it goes for that communal presence. Lots of it has a swing to it, with the easy-going rhythm in particular having an optimism to it. By far the highlight comes from the vocals that perfectly are woven together. Lots of it features on prominently for there is a grace to it. Interplay amongst the group adds to the sense of community. All of it has a sweetness to it. Word choice matters for they have a poetry to it. Lyrics matter for they make sure each and every verse cascades with a fantastic wash to it, all of it feeling truly heartwarming as it wraps up in a perfect fashion.

“Decisions (Remix)” features the magical storytelling of Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz for they sculpt a serenity that feels outright gorgeous.