@skopemag Review: Million Dollar Space new single ‘Non-Stop To Cairo’

Funk and the blues merge to become one with Million Dollar Space’s “Nonstop To Cairo”. Their chops are impeccable for they work in unison. From the fantastic fanfare of the horns to the sheer gumption of the guitar it has a lively presence. By letting their sound seemingly take on off into a whole bunch of different directions they keep the listener on their toes. Quite rare in terms of a modern-day approach to the blues the song has a highly contemporary take to it.

The gestures start things up in a fantastic way. Already from the very first moment the guitar riffs have a strength to them. Everybody else rallies behind this degree of care taken with the sculpted lines of the atmosphere itself. Layer upon layer is added with the utmost of attention to detail for they have a density to them. Upon the vocals entering into the fray things get propelled forward. Rhythms feature that steady gait to them, with the drum/bass duo working particularly finely. Volume is a given for they work themselves into a frenzy. One can almost sense their debt to the southern rock, for they have a swag to them. Right at the very end of the entire thing they make sure to let loose, as there is a giganticness to it.

“Nonstop To Cairo” revels in the exquisite raw grit and soul of Million Dollar Space for they craft a sound that is distinctly their own.