The most traded cryptos by far in 2022

Cryptocurrency is a favorable investment option. This year in 2022 you should know about cryptocurrency exchange. It has become a trusted source wherein investors from across the globe are trying their luck. 

Cryptocurrency became an instant hit in 2008. Bitcoin was the first crypto to gain a global launch. Since then the concept of crypto and investment model has gained much attention. 

All You Should Know About Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

How has crypto evolved in the past decade?

Bitcoin became an instant hit since its launch. The idea of blockchain and a decentralized finance model has gained much attention. 

Every crypto in the market works on blockchain technology. Every investment made on crypto breaks down into single units of blocks. These blocks of the transaction are then stored on network chains. The data validators and miners assign an individual unique ID to these chains. Once the id is allocated this transaction is then stored on the public network. 

Decentralized finance is another interesting concept. Crypto allows for easy peer-to-peer transactions. It means there is no intervention from any third-party regulatory agencies. The transactions are independent and do not come under the radar of any authority. 

With the growing advances in technology, the number of cryptos has also increased. Today, there are more than 13k+ cryptos in the global market. The market volume of cryptos today stands at $3 trillion. Given the current market standards, this scheme of investment will continue to rise. 

Features and benefits of crypto investments 

Cryptos are making heads turn. The investment model is here to stay. Before looking at lucrative investments for 2022, let us look at some crazy benefits of cryptos. 

Safe and secure investment model: Yes. Every crypto investment model goes through a series of data validation. Miners from across the globe validate each transaction. Also, to complete a transaction an investor needs his private key. With the volume of crypto investment, there has been less than 1% of hacking cases reported. 

Easy to transact: This is another advantage. The peer-to-peer transaction is much easier with cryptos as compared to other currencies. A classic example is an ongoing war. Ukraine was able to generate 500 million in funding through crypto donations. 

How did the market perform in 2021?

The year 2021 was a lucky year for crypto investments. The global pandemic and awareness about cryptos have increased investments. There is an increase in investors by more than 7% globally. And investments have also gone up making cryptos a household investment scheme. 

But the year 2022 did have a tough start. The ongoing war situation and other global situations has given cryptos a tough start. 

Let us look at a few cryptos that are sure to give a massive hit in 2022. 


Yes, this tops the list. The launch price was less than $2 making it easy to afford. Fast forward, today the same coin trades at $35k per token. The token is pricey but worth your investment in 2022. If you are a newbie, then you may look at buying Bitcoin with funds available to you. There is no pressure to buy 1 token, you may buy Bitcoin worth $1000 to start with. 


One amongst the top ten currencies in the industry. In the highly volatile crypto environment, the idea of Tether is to offer a fixed rate for the currency. Tether is a stable coin making your investment easier and safe. 


Also known as the silver in the crypto industry. The investment model has grown to make this current a best bet. Ethereum became an instant hit for investors who were looking for an alternative. The platform is scalable, flexible, and allows for executing smart contracts. 


The Solana platform offers a better solution compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin. The network focuses on executing transactions at a much higher speed and reduced costs. In the current set-up, Solana is capable of undertaking more than 50k transactions. This is a much higher number as compared to Ethereum or any other cryptos. 


Not a pricey coin, but a promising one. Dogecoin gained much attention in 2021. Elon Musk’s tweet made the market go crazy. Tesla had officially announced that investors and users can buy Tesla merchandise. The announcement also clarified that their payment gateway is revamped to accept cryptos.