Shower love on your mother with crypto as gifts to mom

Cryptocurrency gifting is not a new idea. The trend has caught up in recent times after crypto became a popular investment. Before going ahead with crypto gifting, let us know first why crypto is a hot topic nowadays and to understand what exactly a crypto is.

Understanding crypto and its features

Bitcoin was the first crypto to gain global attention. The currency became popular as an investment model much later. Every cryptocurrency runs on a blockchain and decentralised finance model. This means every individual transaction is broken down into multiple units of blocks. These blocks are in turn loaded into the public network by data miners.

With the evolving technology, the concept of blockchain platforms also gained mass attention. Today, some companies are exclusively working on developing blockchain-based tools. The platform is flexible, scalable, and easier to access enabling easy transactions.

The concept of decentralised finance is also simple and easy to follow. This means every user or investor can undertake simple peer-to-peer transactions. An investor in India can easily transfer cryptos from their user account to another in the US at ease. There is no involvement of a bank or any other financial agency in such transactions. This has been a long lone debate about cryptos. The lack of involvement by banking agencies results in money laundering activities. Although there has not been much news about such negative reviews in recent times. But keeping the negative aspect aside, this investment model is still widely accepted.

Benefits of cryptocurrency investments

Now that we have looked at the features of cryptocurrencies, let us also look at a few benefits of it.

Simple and easier transactions

Crypto payments are simple and easier to use. The transaction charges are much lesser compared to any other investment model. Also, many popular exchanges allow for trading cryptos at an easier pace.

Security in every transaction

Yes, crypto payments include security at each level of the transaction. Though crypto payment details are hosted in a public ledger there is no proven way to trace its user details. Every block has unique reference details that do not trace back to its original user.

Incredibly promising growth

Yes, this has to be the primary advantage of the crypto industry. Bitcoin launched in 2008 at $1 per token. Today, the same token trades at $35k. Now does it seem pricey compared to 2008? The wise decision is to invest now. As the currency is going to hit rocket high prices in the coming years. The industry has been promising and many other cryptos also made their entry. Today, there are more than 13k+ cryptos in the market. The total market cap of these tokens has reached more than $3 trillion. Given the relaxations and monitoring by government authorities, the industry has promising growth.

Greater returns on investment

Crypto is not promising for you. Given the track record of cryptocurrencies, the investment will give you better returns. The investment model has been able to provide much higher returns to its users. Bitcoin and Ethereum have given their users more than 100% returns on their investments.

Is crypto a good gifting option?

Yes, given the above features and benefits the idea of crypto gifting is not a bad option either. One in every ten is looking at options to gift cryptos to their near and loved ones. With mother’s day around the corner, it is a good idea for you to invest in crypto. You can choose from a variety of options including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba, and Doge. These are some promising coins for 2022 and are sure to provide the best bet for investors.

Now, if you are not looking at gifting crypto tokens then you could buy her even non-fungible tokens. Choose from the best-selling NFTs in the market and make your investment.

Other than cryptocurrency or NFT, there are a few other crypto gifting options. This may be a book on crypto investment, buying a hardware wallet, etc.

Cryptocurrency investment is here to stay. There are higher returns on investment. Whatever your gifting decision, ensure that you invest it right. These small steps can help them make better financial decisions for your mother. Surprise her with a financial investment scheme that is sure to reap the benefit in the future.