‘Choices’ by Bloom

When you feel helpless, remember what’s in the light, sings Bloom in the invigorating, inspiring new pop track “Choices”. A blend of gorgeous melodies and poignant, motivating lyrics, Bloom connects with the listener on all levels in this stirring hit. Bloom, who hails from Australia, is joyful and completely in command of her wide-ranging vocals. Music fans of all genres will find Bloom’s colorful voice and cherished lyrics to fit during a time of need. It’s songs like this we all need in our life at some point – and sometimes people need to hear these words each morning.

Beneath Bloom’s pristine vocals is a kicking beat. It reminded me of that little nudge we need to get going in the morning. It’s like your heartbeat reminding you to keep going when you want to give up on your run, or when you feel like work has been just too overwhelming. In a time in our history when so many children are anxious and when things seem completely hopeless in the world, Bloom’s “Choices” reminds us that humanity can keep going. She reminds us that there is definitely beauty left in the world. That drum beat is the guidepost to keep pushing, keep fighting through the pain.

During the chorus, I wasn’t entirely certain if she had a backing vocal group, or if she overlapped her own vocals. Either way, when the words we all make choices are sung, it feels like a million voices coming together in a giant hug. As a listener I felt completely embraced and safe hearing those words. It was almost like something was lifting me up – like invisible wings. Bloom has a richness in her voice that is like no other. I’m racking my brain and keep coming up with a mix of Adele and Lauren Daigle. Maybe, just maybe, through the effervescent-like vocals of Kate Bush. It’s not quite that, and frankly Bloom is audaciously unique. But that’s a start for you listeners out there that make choices based on similar artists. Bloom really stands out.

In the accompanying music video, Bloom stands among Mother Nature. It’s a Fall-like scene, where she’s in the mountains or a hilltop. I felt the brevity of the situation – I felt like she was making a point that in the vastness of the world, the little stuff really does seem small. What we perceive as a big issue and one that has huge consequences, really is rather small in the scheme of life. I loved her presence in the video – she never over sings and you get to see a bit of her personality. A few shots have her smiling and laughing, while others have her expressing the joy that the song exudes.

Overall, “Choices” is a wonderful track. I’m quite impressed. I fell down the rabbit hole of Bloom’s other songs and have to also give a nod to “One More Place”. Bloom is definitely a songstress to keep on your radar. “Choices” is worthy of all the praise sure to head its way.

Gwen Waggoner