@skopemag Review: Hoodie Rob “Teardrops (2010)” Video & Single

Hoodie Rob Uzumaki delves into their innermost thoughts and feelings with “Teardrops (2010)”. A vulnerability of sorts filters through the entirety of the mix. Nods to groups like Yung Lean feel unavoidable given the indebted of Emo Rap to that sort of distinct sound. Everything within it feels majestic to behold in full. By allowing the many layers lots of room to intermingle what forms instead is a sense of wonderful that has a doubly refreshing presence to it. Within each verse he helps to make the listener feel less alone, as it has a sense of “misery loves company” aspect to it.

Production within the scope of the journey helps to further highlight the importance of giving each word its own weighted impact. Beats have a crispness to them with the faded approach nicely dovetailing with the subject matter. Here he clearly positions himself within the vanguard of hip-hop for there is that similar desire to no longer be alone, of the sadness that deserves, even demands to be paid attention to with the twists and turns feeling wonderful. Everything on the sound has a treasured presence about it for there is desire to feel wanted. Verses cascade, one after the other as the song builds and evolves. Grooves anchor it even as the rest of it seemingly wafts up as if rising up into the air.

“Teardrops (2010)” shows off Hoodie Rob Uzumaki’s confessional side featuring lyricism that comes straight from the heart.