New Video By Mighty Koba feat. Jaey London “2 Many”

Those who grew up listening to all the best 2000s hits can speak of the infectious releases and the popularity of the music. Anyone trying to relive the musical glory days of that decade and get a taste of the vibes of industry greats ⁠— like Usher⁠— needs to have a listen to up-and-coming afro-fusion star Mighty Koba. Born as Ernest Nguatem in Cameroon, Africa, and currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, music has always been a key component of his upbringing. He initially discovered his passion for music through dance, looking up to the renowned talents of Michael Jackson from a young age. Now, dancing is of utmost importance in his creative process of making songs, as he puts the choreography before songwriting, singing, and other components. His latest single, “2 Many,” featuring Jaey London (Justin Onyewuchi), showcases all that makes his art unique, special, and reminiscent of the 2000s popular music. With London’s production expertise behind this track, Mighty Koba is learning all the important tricks of the trade and making his way as a contemporary artist that exudes the best nostalgic vibes from a highlight stage in music history.

Bringing together the contemporary and the nostalgic, “2 Many” offers the perfect balance between the most beloved features of the music of today and yesterday. The Zulu XL (Ramses Nguatem)-produced backing track with the smooth and meaningful yet catchy vocals aligns with the early aughts R&B style Mighty Koba found great inspiration from. However, the message packs a more modern perspective. Time and time again, there have been songs exploring the objectification of women by men. Instead, “2 Many” ponders the aftermath of a steamy nightclub encounter that ponders what happens when the roles are reversed. Overall, Mighty Koba’s effortless collaboration with London manifests throughout “2 Many.” The song is just perfect for the club scene with an Afrobeat vibe that makes it inclusive across all cultures.