by Nick Christophers

It is always great to hear a band who is trying to spread the importance of love and life for the value it offers. This is the message from Tony Goff and The Broken Colours with their new single “Mirrors” which has been received quite well with fans and new listeners. The band is comprised of Tom Paley, Ashley P Saunders, Daniel Franssens, Kenneth Brown and of course Tony Goff. Three years ago is when the current line-up was created. Tony formed two bands prior to TG&TBC in “Age of Discrimination” and “The Spartans” which led up to “Tony Goff & The Broken Colours”, Tom Paley was also part of two bands “The Limic” and “Four Hours”, Ashley the drummer played in groups like “Third Motion” and the Nick Brynes Band. For Daniel, TG&BC is the first official band he has joined but he has been a musician for years. Kenneth is a versatile musician and performs not only with Tony but with “Imperial Leisure” and “Carl Phillips & the Rejects”.

The one who brought this whole line-up together was Ashley. After a few members took off, Ashley, who was the band’s videographer, took on the drums. Dan was already working with Ashley so he blended in well. Tom was brought in through a mutual friend and Kenneth was the latest addition. The bands first taste of success was the EP “Butterflies & Compromises” while they were touring in Denmark with the Danish band “Twin Dive”. The EP gained momentum and was a spring-board for the band. The band managed to land on UK’s “Be On The Scene” contest when they first formed in 2013.

The track off their first EP, “Snakes and Ladders”, managed to be featured in the film “Soundtrack to Sixteen”. It was a sign of good things to come. It just so happened that in 2016 their self-title EP made it on the iTunes alternative chart as well as their third EP “Duel” in 2019. The band signed on with two labels during their run which were with PHONIK and BENTLEY RECORDS but neither was the correct fit for them hence the reason for their music coming out years a part. The band was influenced by such talent like Luke Prichard of “The Kooks” and Kelly from “Bloc Party”. Overall the band was taken in by funky sounds, and classic rock mixed with new indie projects.

The band has played across the UK and Europe. They have enjoyed the small locals they jammed at in Italy and the big performances were they shared the stage with projects like “The Blockheads” and “The O2 Academy”. They have also supported the band “Ordinary Boys” at the venue Brixton Jamm and recently had a memorable show at the venue Acoustic Couch both in the UK. TG&TBC have also played at famous festivals like “Camden Rocks” and “The Great Escape”. So far, their music has earned them attention from BBC and other media outlets across the globe.

Currently, they are due to release their new EP but based on the creative juices flowing with new writing material they are looking at a debut album sometime next year. Yet by the end of 2022 they are planning on dropping another single from the upcoming album. Their new goal for 2023 is not only to release a debut album but to sign on with a reputable label and begin a new chapter for Tony Goff & The Broken Colours.