New Video By The Roughhousers “Monkey Butt”

Every parent has been there. Whether spending time at home, driving around doing errands, or going out to a restaurant with little ones, uncomplicated, repetitive, and often obnoxious children’s music is always playing in earshot. It can be challenging to reach a common ground that can be listened to for so many hours on end while still being kid-friendly, but the remedy to this time-old dilemma is The Roughhousers. This rockabilly children’s band delivers songs that children will find interesting and exciting, with jovial lyrics and upbeat instrumentals that can also be enjoyed by adults, who will have a greater appreciation for the duo’s musical stylings. In anticipation of their debut album, Princess Mike, The Roughhousers’ Grey DeLisle and Eddie Clendening have already shared the tracks “Princess Mike” and “Azucar” with the world at large. Now, they’re adding to the available collection with their newest single, “Monkey Butt.”

Don’t be so quick to judge this song by its title; “Monkey Butt” is another fun song from The Roughhousers that’s bound to satisfy listeners young and old. It is a tune packed with comedic relief, perfect for getting any tiny tikes hyped for bathtime. The lyrics describe all the “monkeys'” activities and actions that now require them to clean themselves up. The chorus’ recurring “Monkey Butt” title phrase helps add to the fun, humorously packing the words of encouragement for kids to jump in the bubbly tub and wash their dirtiness and stinkiness away. Beyond the surface lyrics, DeLisle and Clendening’s classic vocal twangs harmonize together so nicely. Attentive listeners will undoubtedly recognize the true art and talent of the artists behind these child-targeted creations. To top it all off, the instrumental on its own is unapologetically catchy with elements that stretch further than the usual children’s music genre offerings.

Despite what might be expected of music for kids, the visual for “Monkey Butt” approaches the song’s theme and message in a way not at all resembling cartoon clips or nursery-rhyme videos. DeLisle and Clendening immerse themselves in this idiomatic situation through their lively, entertaining performance. What’s more, it gives kiddos real people to look up to, much like the actors on their favorite television shows or YouTube Kids’ channels. From DeLisle monkey-dancing around the living room to Clendening playing the bath brush guitar from the tub, there is nothing not to love about how The Roughousers are breaking the status quo for children’s music for the better.