Top 3 best slot machines to play in 2022

When skilled gamblers seek online for new and best slot machines to play, they have particular criteria in mind. Newcomers are generally drawn to equipment that is visually appealing.

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We’ll look at the best slot machines to play in 2022 in this US gaming guide. We will emphasize the factors that contribute to them being the finest slots machines to play. This way, you’ll not only know which slots are the greatest, but also what to look out for on US gambling websites.

  • Bloodsuckers

This well-known slot machine was created by NetEnt. Bloodsuckers finds a home with all vampire fans amid today’s vogue for all things creepy. It has a lovely fantasy concept that will appeal to anybody who is fascinated by the macabre.

The RTP for Bloodsuckers is 98 percent. With such a high RTP, it’s no wonder that many people believe this to be one of the greatest paying online slots. It ensures great volatility in winnings, which means that the risk of playing this slot is smaller than that of others. Volatility assesses how frequently a slot machine pays out and how likely it is to produce a large payout when it does.

The graphics are breathtaking. Vampires of different varieties are on show. Certain ward symbols are in play to supplement them. Holy water, garlic, and crossbows are among them. The photos are brilliantly crafted, with a vampire bride serving as a scatter symbol. The spooky noises also nicely convey the atmosphere.

The bet limits range from & 0.25 to $ 50. Given that there are slots with limitations of up to $ 250, the maximum limit is low. However, with such great volatility comes the possibility of suffering significant losses. Higher limits are better suited for machines with minimal volatility for newbies.

  • Mega joker

Mega Joker is another popular NetEnt fruit slot machine. While there are several classic slots accessible today, we feel the following qualities make Mega Joker one of the best slot machines to play in 2022.

Mega Joker has the highest RTP of any slot machine on the market. A single coin might have an RTP of 76 percent. A maximum stake of 10 coins increases the RTP to 99 percent. Mega Joker’s RTP is one of the reasons it is the most popular slot machine.

Its graphics go back to the iconic vintage fruit slot machine look. While we like the Bloodsuckers motif, many players will be at ease with this regular style. The visuals are stunning, with winning fruit combos slapped on the sides of the slots. It also has a clear sound that we’re sure many people are acquainted with, but it’s nothing remarkable.

Mega Joker does not provide any free spins. Quick spins are available, but there are no multipliers. Unfortunately, the Supermeter is the only bonus available. In regular mode, you can stake 1 or 10 coins with values ranging from $ 0.10 to $ 2. Once Supermeter is on, you can gamble with 20, 40, 100, or 200 coins using the same coin..

Mega Joker has stake limits ranging from $ 0.10-$ 20. High rollers, who desire significantly greater bets and rewards, will be turned off by this. This, however, attracts newbies who are anxious to get started with some excellent gains on their minimal wagers.

  • Bonanza Megaways

Bonanza Megaways is one of the most well-known slot machine brands. Because of the popular Megaways engine, Big Time Gaming became an instant hit. Big Time Gaming leased the engine to other developers when it became so successful.

Bonanza has an RTP of 96 percent, which is still rather high in comparison to other slot machines. We’re pleased with the machine’s RTP rate as long as it stays over 95 percent. While it is not as high as Bloodsuckers or Mega Joker, it has one of the largest rewards accessible.

The images have a mining motif. Various minerals and jewels may be found amid the numerical and alphabetic symbols. There are also mining carts, which play a role in the slots’ responses function. If you win on a reel, comparable symbols from above or below will be collected in a cart for further rewards. It also includes some unusual sounds that go nicely with the theme.

Final thoughts on best slot machines to play

It’s really difficult to discover nice slot machines in the finest US online casinos that are both enjoyable and trustworthy. There are hundreds of online slot machines available in today’s world of contemporary technology. That is why it is critical to have a set of criteria to base your selections on, so you can simply identify the best slot machines to play.

The RTP is the most important criterion to consider while seeking for the best slot machines to play. If you desire a decent return on your investment, the return-to-player should ideally be more than 95%. The graphics also help to attract players, as long as the paylines are complemented by the available reels and rows.