Blue Soul Ten Set To Release Astounding Album ‘This Is Worth It’

With a musical career spanning over ten years, we’ve got accustomed to Blue Soul Ten scoring our daily soundtracks with anthem after absolute anthem. His unique blend of jazz, soul, hip hop and EDM has resulted in some seriously captivating tracks. Seriously, just check his past albums The Incredible Sound Of Blue and Sounds About You if you need proof. His upcoming album ‘This Is Worth It’ is perhaps his most vibrant album to date as he sinks into the soulful depths of his sound. Whilst collaborating with a party of immensely talented vocalists and musicians, Blue Soul Ten has crafted a body of work bursting at the seams with funk, soul and some seriously groovy bass lines.

‘All We Need’ kicks off the whole album with slick old school D’Angelo vibes. With just hi-hat and claps, Blue Soul Ten sets the tone of This Is Worth It. As the keys, bass and vocals ease into the soundscape, it’s clear why Blue Soul Ten has amassed over sixty thousand streams on Spotify alone. This is a producer who’s not to be messed with. Each instrument swims together and makes a current rooted in the soul, hip hop landscapes. It’s hard not to get swept up in the tide. ‘No Love Greater’ is another absolute standout. The layers of percussion and drums that propel the track forward create such an intricate groove it would be a treat to listen to a loop of it for hours. Saniyah X’s spoken word sails over the slick soundtrack below, cutting through the snares with each rhyme and punctuated metaphor. The bass bounces away below, fuelling the funk that threads each of the tracks on This Is Worth It together. The album then jumps into a sonic universe of soul with the title track of This Is Worth It. The diverse sound worlds and genres in this one album alone inaugurates Blue Soul Ten as one of the most exciting producers on the scene right now. ‘This Is Worth It’ is a stellar single. With one of the catchiest hooks on the whole album, Dennis Lorenzo’s vocals elevate each verse with his powerful performance presence. Those falsetto flexes in the last chorus will send shivers up your spine. Each of the thirteen tracks from This Is Worth It could easily be a stand-alone single. Each is so carefully crafted it’s hard not to get consumed by the utter ear candy of each beat. Blue Soul Ten has mastered the art of the nostalgic hit. He somehow blurs together the best of the old school with the freshness of the current music landscape. With an album this rich in style and flair, Blue Soul Ten is changing the current music landscape. On it’s release on the 10th of May, listen from start to finish. Trust me, this one is worth it. 


Listen to Blue Soul Ten on SPOTIFY | This Is Worth It Is Released May 10th 

By Sasha Lauryn