Kenny Fame Makes Us Feel Better With Recent Single

Kenny Fame is back this month with another infectious sunny single. ‘Feels Better’ is another edition of Kenny Fames ever-evolving discography and this time the New York based singer-songwriter has sunk into the sunny reggae realms of his sound with one of his most vibrant tracks yet. It’s safe to say from his track record that Kenny Fame knows how to craft a completely catchy tune. Just take a look at his past singles ‘Time’, ‘Deeper’ or ‘She’s A Runner’ if you need some proof. ‘Feels Better’ is no different.

This track has one of those melodies that’ll be echoing in your head hours after the first listen. You’ll be humming away and then slowly realise it’s ‘Feels Better’ stuck in your head. Each section flows into the next with a slick sense of style and plenty of ear candy is thrown in for good measure. In this track, he takes the infectious nature of the reggae realms and fuses it with the funk of the modern pop landscape. His tone is as vibrant as ever, as his performance presence elevates this seemingly simple track to a masterclass in bringing character to each refrain. In wonderful contrast, ‘Feels Better’ on the surface sounds like the sweetest of summery love songs, yet the topic at hand might not be so simple. Kenny speaks on that addictive nature of a relationship you relish in, but you can’t stand to be away from them. With doubts or worries pouring in when their partner is away from them, it always ‘feels better’ when they’re together. But, to what end? Separation may make the heart grow fonder, but sometimes that’s needed. With those lyrics layered over the optimistic atmosphere of the instrumentation, Kenny Fame has made a track that makes you move and makes you think. In whichever way it moves you, it’s no doubt that everything feels better with Kenny Fame as the soundtrack. 

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By Sasha Lauryn