Andrew Moore New Album ‘Soul Echo’

Andrew Moore embraces a quiet whisper with the subdued scope of “Soul Echo”. Everything on here revels in a degree of delicacy to it. The tried-and-true nature of his lyrics helps to lend it a crystal clarity to it. Pop, folk, and rock merge together within a distinct slowcore aesthetic. Much of the album has a stripped-down, bare-bones essence to it. Full of heart the arrangements go for a subdued beauty to them, ones that echo on into the infinite distance. Layer upon layer gets brought into the fray for there is a quiet optimism that guides the pieces along.

Deep registers from the guitar emerge on the powerful opener “Blackbird”. Kept to the essentials there is a soul that resides within the work, one that feels quite precious. Rhythms have a natural tone on “Learn To Fly” for the song wafts on by in its own glorious haze. For whatever reason, “Candlelight” has a Jon Brion sensibility to it, urbane, lovely, and deceptively simple. Guitars intertwine to deliver a virtual blanket of sound with “I’ll Be Alright”. On “Just The Way You Are” offers a lullaby quality to it for it seemingly has an airiness to it, with the ambience rather tender. Piano adds an important power to “Something”. Highly meditative the spacious “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” the song rolls on through in a distinctly earnest fashion.

“Soul Echo” features Andrew Moore’s unflinchingly honest verses, ones that touch the very soul.


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