Brian Berggoetz Presents “Wildflower” and the cover of the Johnny Cash classic “Folsom Prison Blues”

Brian Berggoetz shows off his rather diverse chops on the duality of “Wildflower” and “Folsom Prison Blues”. A truly skilled guitar player, he makes quick work out of the journey for these two pieces have a soul to them. Folk, country, the blues, ambient, and more all get explored within his thoughtful worldview. The arrangements kept within feature a real ear for melody for the two of them have a lot of heart to them. Best of all are his vocals that soar through the entirety of the piece.

Single 1: “Wildflower”

Single 2: “Folsom Prison Blues” (Live cover of a Johnny Cash classic)

A great degree of instrumental variation befalls the blissful “Wildflower”. Kept in a way that has a decency to it, he manages sure the unflinching honesty feels completely earned. During some of the moments the woodwinds that emerge out of the depths of the sound feel particularly gorgeousness. Everything on here has a sun-kissed quality to it, as if out in the expansive American west. Full of clever lyricism he makes sure the song travels along at its own pace. Going on the complete opposite side of things “Folsum Prison Blues” takes a prickly approach. Doing Johnny Cash’s original such justice he takes that ethos and makes sure that it feels doubly essential at this moment, especially given the much larger number of people in jail right now.

“Wildflower” and “Folsom Prison Blues” revels in the exquisite storytelling of Brian Berggoetz, for the many elements seemingly sparkle out into the infinite expanse.