De Royce feat. Alex (TOK) & Moca Generation Presents “NRG”

Music allows connection to form on many levels, allowing one to tap into their dreams, desires, and hopes. For De Royce, music has been about connecting to his heritage. Hailing from diverse backgrounds: Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and America, the collision of cultures has enriched the artist’s ability to communicate through the emotional power of music. This has led him to explore various genres, including hip-hop, dancehall, pop, and R&B, curating a versatile discography that can move any crowd. When you tune into De Royce’s frequency, you are guaranteed a trip into a lush soundscape of melodic hooks and catchy beats. His song “Groove” has even caught the attention of BET Jams and MTV Spankin’ New, highlighting DeRoyce’s potential to reach audiences across platforms and backgrounds.

Soak in the tropical heat in De Royce & Alex’s summer jam “NRG,” an essential party-starting track that brings flavor and intensity. “NRG” is a play on “energy,” and it’s all about bringing the hype and excitement into every aspect of life. The sunset-saturated song showcases De Royce’s impeccable ability to capture the magic of dance hall, pop, and R&B into a trendy single that seamlessly transitions from beach parties to nightlife clubbing. The electronic flair brings rhythm and movement into each verse, with breezy lyrics and an infectious chorus. The song also features Alex from T.O.K., one of the biggest dancehall reggae groups from Jamaica, who is stepping into his solo artistry. The video has the two artists getting up close and personal with stunning models against a beach backdrop, as the music sets the tone for a fun night out. Together, the duo has created a playful summer anthem that is ready to kick off on an international level.