Lurid Purple Flowers Bring The Heat In Single ‘Darkness’

Hard rock, psychedelic and funk. Three genres you wouldn’t necessarily think would melt together. Yet, Lurid Purple Flowers have sculpted a sound that sews together the most interesting elements of all three. Their recent single ‘Darkness,’ off their latest EP Mania, plunges into the depths of their rockier sound whilst their other tracks like ‘On Your Own’ flexes their funk muscles and ‘Too Late’ lets us lay in their more psychedelic landscapes. Lurid Purple Flowers are taken straight out of the trenches of the Boston Underground, and from the sounds of this sizzling single Darkness, they came to fight.

There’s some serious power bursting from the seams of this track. Lurid Purple Flowers put their foot on the gas and forget all about the breaks. The guitar chords punctuate the introduction, smashing through your speakers with some real heat. You can almost feel the flames rippling through as guitar riffs and solo lines interweave between the rest of the instruments. If there’s one this that Lurid Purple Flowers know how to do, it’s one hell of a captivating crescendo. As these slick guitar solos ramp up, your heart might just beat a little bit faster. Ben Caito’s bass line brings booming energy into the otherwise treble focused soundscape. Like any rock anthem, the bass line can make or break the track. Luckily for us, Ben Caito cuts through the lower end of the mix with effortless riffs and a solid standing. It’s utter ear candy. The casual interplay between Ben’s bass and the hard-hitting drums is a standout element of this track. Lurid Purple Flowers’ drummer, Nick White, knows when to back off and when to bring out the big guns — we’re just grateful he did both. In this track, Nick White is the surge of energy that sets the soundscape ablaze. Sailing over it all, over the crashing cymbals and riotous guitar riffs, over the grunge bass and crunching chords is CA Newcombe. Her vocals on this track, and the whole of their discography, are not to be messed with. Her powerful performance presence is breathtaking and demands its place sitting centre in the mix. Her tone is completely captivating as she commands the tides of instruments below. Yet, she also allows for the guitars and drum fills to weave in and out of her mesmerising melodies. It takes an astounding artist to enable both; and that’s exactly what both CA Newcombe, and the whole of Lurid Purple Flowers, are. 

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By Sasha Lauryn