Dreamy Songstress Fiona Maura Releases Mystical Music Video “Sativa”

After the success of her mellow single Sativa, dream pop songstress Fiona Maura gives a glimpse of her euphoric world with the release of her mystical official music video. (Click HERE to watch.) Sativa is available on all streaming platforms.

Filmed and edited by seasoned videographer, Dylan Reeves, and Fiona taking the role of creative director, the two collaborated for their second music video together following the release of Motorcycle. With vibrant scenes of cosmic galaxies, a wonderland tea party, Fairytopia, and portals bridging dimensions, this magical music video takes the viewer on a journey through Fiona’s celestial dreamscape.

Opening with a playful bass, Sativa is a light and mellow song fusing indie pop with funky rhythm, shimmering synths, and atmospheric textures. With quirky elements peppered in complimenting Fiona’s dreamy melodies and sultry tone, Sativa is an uplifting anthem emphasizing the message “we got time” for fresh perceptions, mindfulness, relaxation, and enjoying the little moments.

Sativa is a fun and easy-going song to chill and vibe out to.” Fiona shares. “Entering a sonic wonderland, the music takes the listener on a transcending journey of reflection and affirmation. Slow down, take a breath, and enjoy living consciously in the present moment.”

Written by Fiona and produced by engineer, ARHT, who also produced her debut single Motorcycle and upcoming EP Rabbit Hole, Sativa carries a groovy but minimal beat leaving space for her celestial vocals and introspective lyrics. Matching the dreamy and trippy vibe of the song, Fiona is excited to release the official music video for Sativa in March.

You can watch the music video on YouTube and follow Fiona on her website and on Facebook, Instagram, to stay up-to-date on her upcoming events and performances. Sativa is available on streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and all other digital retailers.

About Fiona Maura: Originally from the space coast of Florida, dream pop songstress Fiona Maura is currently residing, writing, and performing in Nashville, TN. After dropping her debut single, Motorcycle, she most recently toured west for a show in LA’s renowned Hotel Café. Her genre-bending style fuses modern folk melodies with ambient synths, and ethereal lo-fi waves creating a psychedelic pop feel. With influences like Alison Krauss, AURORA, and Billie Eilish, Fiona’s unique sound focuses on transcendent experiences and mystical imagery.  

Fiona grew up in a musical family with strong Irish/folk roots, traveling and performing in various Florida folk festivals with The Chalmers Family Band. These foundational musical experiences foreshadowed her artist career as she circled back to the same festivals and performed solo years later. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a major in Recording Industry and a minor in Psychology, Fiona is gearing up to release her whimsical EP Rabbit Hole, which channels her creative soul and shimmering free spirit.