Night Acclaim releases new single “Beat of Our Hearts”

Night Acclaim is an electro-pop artist based in New Jersey. He is returning with his new single “Beat of Our Hearts,” co-written by Hailey Collier (David Guetta, Betty Who) and produced by Pretty Sister (Jordin Sparks, Betty Who). The new single is not only a vibe, but it has a captivating and infectious beat.

“I wrote Beat of Our Hearts about a crush I had at the time. The song is what I envisioned could have been between us. It is my idea of the perfect love story. -Night Acclaim on “Beat of Our Hearts”

“Beat of Our Hearts” will be featured on Night’s debut EP, which will be released in July of 2023. The EP will feature 5 beaming pop songs that follows the story of a relationship start to finish, hitting on themes of love, friendship, heartbreak, immaturity and confusion.