Cash Advance Loans: Are They Right for You & Your Finances?

Despite lifting restrictions bringing a sense of normalcy to your social life, your financial life has a long way before it recovers from the pandemic.

Plenty of people emptied their emergency funds to survive layoffs and rising inflation rates. If you did the same, you might not have a cash cushion when your dog gets sick or your oven stops working.

You may need an online cash advance to bail you out of these emergencies. But is it always the right answer? Before you apply for a cash advance loan, ask yourself these questions first.

1. Why Do You Need a Cash Advance?

Cash advance loans are best used in an emergency when you can’t delay paying an urgent medical expense or repair.

How can you tell the difference? Let’s return to the sick dog and broken oven.

You can reasonably postpone repairing (or replacing) your oven. Although it may be inconvenient for a while, you can learn how to cook with your microwave and eat more fresh food until you save up the money.

However, you can’t hesitate to take your dog to the vet, as your quick thinking can save their life in an emergency. In this urgent situation, you may consider cash advance loans. They’re designed to be a safety net when you have no other choice.

During these hard times if you are looking cash advance loans near me there are some reputable places to turn to.

2. What Can You Afford?

Knowing your limits is an important part of responsible borrowing. You need to know what you can handle so that you aren’t stretched too thin when it comes time to repay your cash advance.

At no point should you ever have to choose between paying bills or your cash advance.

While some cash advances (like payday loans) are due back in one lump-sum payment, you can find installment loans that break up your cash advance into multiple payments. This setup may give your finances more breathing room.

Noting which kind of advance you borrow will help you determine your budget.

When making your budget, take care of the necessities first, like housing costs, groceries, and utilities to name a few.

How much cash is left over after you pay these bills? You’ll have to split this amount between your cash advance and discretionary spending. That means you can free up more cash to put towards your installment loan if you sacrifice more fun stuff.

3. What Are the Going Rates?

The Internet has revolutionized the way you borrow. Before FinTech digitized every step of the borrowing process, your options were limited to the banks in your hometown.

Now, you can find hundreds of loans by typing this into your search engine: cash advance loans near me.

With so many options online, you have some work ahead of you. Online direct lenders set different rates and fees, so you need to compare online cash advances to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

What fees you pay may depend on your credit score, employment history, and debt-to-income ratio.

You may not always meet every online direct lender’s eligibility requirements. However, you’ll have a better chance of finding an affordable option that you do qualify for by shopping around. This is true even if you have lousy credit, as there are installment loans for bad credit available.

The Takeaway:

Borrowing a cash advance online is a big decision. To make sure it’s the right one, answer these three questions. They’ll help you find the right option for your needs.