How to help refugees fleeing Ukraine: 5 things to do now

From donating to charities in neighboring countries to getting information on legal aid,  are some ways to do your little thing.

As Russia continues its horrific invasion of Ukraine, more and more people are fleeing the conflict. According to the United Nations, an estimated seven million people have already been deported, and more than 2 million are now estimated to have fled Ukraine altogether.

Many refugees face long queues and difficult refugee practices at border crossings. Some countries (such as the European Union) have eased visa restrictions for Ukrainian refugees, while others have not. What can we do to help those fleeing Ukraine?  are five ways to get financial aid, legal aid and assistance.

  1. Assist refugee organizations working in neighboring countries

Ukrainian refugees cross into Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia.  are three organizations that work and provide assistance in these countries:

  •         UNHCR is a UN refugee agency. Donate.
  •         Project HOPE provides medical equipment and assistance. Donate.
  •         Save the Children focuses on providing children with food, water, and security. Donate.
  1. Share information on legal aid with refugees

Some countries (such as the United Kingdom) and exante charity find it difficult for refugees to seek refuge in certain countries. There are many organizations and resources available to help those fleeing conflict, such as:

  •         This address helps UNHCR partners to provide social and legal assistance to refugees in Ukraine.
  •         List of organizations in the UK that provide pro bono legal aid to refugees.
  •         This agency of organizations in the US also provides probono legal assistance to refugees.
  •         Welcome to Europe, the refugee sauce in the EU. See this link.
  1. Obtain and disseminate relevant information to LGBTQ+refugees and/or people of color

Indigenous peoples fleeing Ukraine face more violence and harassment than other groups. You can really help by sharing this series of guides with Ukrainian refugees with Nigerian passports, or by sharing this Twitter line of diplomatic missions. You can also direct Afro-Caribbean students trying to leave Ukraine using this PayPal pool.

LGBTQ+ Ukrainians also face serious challenges, so please consider supporting providers like Choice Love, which provides medical care, food, clothing, shelter, and legal aid to members of disadvantaged communities. ), and QUA that supports LGBTQ + Ukrainian in the US. Send support now to help refugees in Ukraine province ().

This exante help page also provides links to many resources and helps assist BIPOC and LGBTQ+ refugees in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

  1. Ask your government

Many governments (such as the UK) are not making it as easy as possible for refugees from Ukraine. You can ask the local government (or you, in the UK, your local MP) to exercise your democratic rights and encourage politicians to make visas easier and more accessible.

  1. Give them your home

Airbnb is now looking for people to “accept” Ukrainian refugees as part of a temporary residence permit for 100,000 people fleeing violence. You can learn more and book your home .