Here’s Why CBD Gummies Are Good and What Other Edibles Are Out There

Wondering why you should consume CBD gummies and if there are any other alternatives? Learn why CBD gummies are good and what alternative edibles are available.

CBD gummies are a rather popular choice among folks. These gummies get their cannabinoid content from CBD oil. Gummies can provide the same, or even better, effects as other CBD products depending on the type of extract.

These effects sometimes last longer than other products, which is a prominent incentive for folks to buy CBD gummies. According to Statista, CBD gummies appeal to 28% of individuals in the United States.

Why Should You Buy CBD Gummies?

Any CBD product should provide you with the standard medicinal benefits of CBD. However, some benefits are exclusive to CBD gummies. Here are a few reasons why CBD gummies are so popular:

  • A Wide Range of Flavors

CBD products made from hemp are the only legal ones. Unfortunately, hemp has an earthy flavor that some people dislike. As a result, manufacturers use sweeteners and other flavors to conceal the taste.

People who buy CBD gummies enjoy the wide range of flavors available. We’re not exaggerating; you can choose from various flavors, including raspberry and watermelon.

  • Take Them Anywhere and Anytime

One of the most convincing reasons to purchase CBD gummies is the discretion they provide. You can take these gummies wherever and whenever. This sense of privacy is useful when you’re stuck in traffic or at work. In these stressful situations, you can take the gummies without anyone knowing.

  • No Need to Calculate the Dosage

It’s a pain to measure the dosage with most CBD products like oils or vapes. Fortunately, you can take your CBD in peace with the gummies. Manufacturers usually provide the dose for each gummy so you can pick how much you want to consume.

When purchasing CBD gummies, you can select from a variety of gummy strengths. These are generally available to accommodate diverse CBD users, including beginners and intermediates.

  • Long-lasting Effects

Compared to other methods of taking CBD, the gummies take longer to exhibit their effects. Since your digestive system needs to digest the gummies before they enter your bloodstream, it may take a while for you to feel anything. This duration ranges from 45 minutes to three hours, depending on your digestive capability. 

The good news is that the late onset of these effects is balanced by how long they last. The impact you get from the gummies tends to prevail longer than any other CBD product. As we mentioned before, most people prefer CBD gummies because the effects can last them up to six hours. However, it is contingent on your body weight, lifestyle, and other factors.

  • Your Lungs Are Safe

Inhalation is the quickest way to get a dose of CBD. However, smoking anything other than pure air is not a good idea. We don’t have a lot of research on how CBD vaping or smoking affects your lungs yet, but medical professionals advise against it.

You can safely reap the benefits of CBD with gummies. You won’t get any lung damage or inflammation because CBD only reaches your bloodstream after digestion.

  • Doesn’t Get You High

The psychotropic properties of cannabis are the fundamental reason for its prohibition. But with hemp-derived CBD, you won’t have to worry about getting high at inconvenient times.

The THC level in legal CBD edibles is less than 0.3 percent. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD while keeping your senses intact. Most CBD gummies are prepared using broad-spectrum CBD oil, so it’s free of any THC.

Certain brands also offer CBD gummies made with CBD isolate. This isolate is devoid of THC and other cannabinoids. However, CBD’s potency may be reduced due to the absence of these cannabinoids.

On the other hand, gummies made from full-spectrum CBD oil keep all of the hemp cannabinoids, including THC. However, only buy CBD gummies that have been lab-tested. This ensures that the product you buy is safe to consume.

What Kinds of Other CBD Edibles Are There?

We’ve already discussed why CBD gummies are a great option, but there are a variety of other edibles to choose from, some of which you can even prepare yourself. So, if gummies aren’t your thing, here are a few alternative delicacies to choose from.

  • CBD Chocolate

Chocolate is a rather luxurious way of consuming CBD, and it is priced to reflect that extravagance. When you buy these chocolates, you’ll be paying almost twice the price of CBD gummies.

You can go for the usual milk chocolate or other forms like white or Belgian chocolate. If you don’t fancy spending your money, you can try making the chocolates at home using CBD oil.

  • Protein Bars

With protein bars, you get your nutrition along with your dose of CBD. We can see why these bars are more popular with gym-goers. They can eat their CBD without the added sugar or fat content with these bars. 

  • Pills

Pills are a somewhat tame way of getting your CBD. You can take these pills or capsules the same way as regular vitamins.

  • CBD-infused Drinks

If you don’t feel like eating and would rather drink your CBD, you can. CBD drinks come in all shapes and forms, including water, energy drinks, and fruit juices. The effects should last the same amount of time as if you ate CBD. That’s because the CBD is still passing through your digestive system.

Fun fact: you can even add CBD to your tea or coffee.


People buy CBD gummies for the obvious benefits they offer. They are easy to consume and provide a sense of discretion that people appreciate. Not to mention the variety of flavors that brands offer for CBD gummies. 

However, other CBD edibles are also gaining popularity. People are getting more creative with their CBD consumption, but you should still be cautious. Since the FDA does not regulate CBD products, you must actively seek third-party lab results. That way, you can get all your CBD goodness while staying safe.