Where to Buy Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplements?

Read on to find out where to buy lion's mane mushroom supplements and what to look for before making a purchase.

Read on to find out where to buy lion’s mane mushroom supplements and what to look for before making a purchase.

If you are asking this question, chances are you want to improve your mental and physical health. Few medicinal mushrooms have gotten as much attention as the lion’s mane mushroom. These mushrooms have been a part of Asian cuisine and medicine for several decades.

Studies have shown that this mushroom has the ability to boost cognitive performance, provide protection against cognitive decline, and even promote a healthy immune system.

After all, supplements are just as important as a healthy diet and regular workouts. That said, you may be wondering where to buy lion’s mane mushroom supplements!

Where Can I Get Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplements?

If you simply want to add some flavor to your dishes, the mushrooms in the produce area of your local store should be enough. However, you may have to go a step further to find the lion’s mane mushroom fit for health benefits. For this, you should try the specialized lion’s mane mushroom supplement.

Because of their neuroprotective effects, these white globe-shaped mushrooms are commonly referred to as “smart mushrooms.” Some people also claim that the lion’s mane mushroom supplement has various other medical properties. This includes improved heart health, cancer prevention, and energy boosts.

Given all of this, it’s no surprise that mushroom supplements are popping up everywhere (literally). To put it another way, companies are readily capitalizing on the mushroom’s health benefits and are selling it as “lion’s mane” supplements.

What To Look For While Buying Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplements?

There are certain lion’s mane mushroom supplements that are better than others. After all, various elements and manufacturing protocols are involved in determining the quality of a product. To get the best lion’s mane supplements, you must evaluate these factors.

  • Whole Fruit Body or Mycelium?

The fruiting bodies or mycelium of the lion’s mane mushroom are the two most common ways to make supplements from it. The term “fruiting body” refers to the fact that manufacturers use the entire mushroom once grown to create supplements. However, this procedure is a little pricey.

On the other side, mycelium manufacturing eliminates the need for companies to wait for the mushroom to achieve full maturity.

The debate over which procedure provides superior quality has yet to be resolved. This is due to the mushroom’s beneficial compounds in both parts. However, present clinical research has primarily focused on the fruiting body. As a result, most people favor this strategy.

  • Type of Extract

There are two methods to obtain the lion’s mane extract. The full spectrum lion’s mane extract (1:1) contains all the nutrients within the lion’s mane mushroom. This supplement improves your immune system among other medical purposes.

On the other hand, the 8:1 type is a solvent extract. It usually contains nerve growth factors (NGF), which help boost your neurological system.

  • Type of Supplement

Before getting the lion’s mane mushroom supplement, you should also think about the type of supplement you want. These mushroom supplements are available in capsules, powders, and extracts, among other forms. After you’ve purchased your preferred supplement form, follow the directions on the package to ensure that you’re getting the most out of it.

  • cGMP Certification

To guarantee that supplements are safe, manufacturers must adhere to FDA rules. These guidelines are referred to as the “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” (cGMPs). When purchasing, only buy lion’s mane mushroom supplements from cGMP-certified brands.

  • Additional Ingredients

Some supplement manufacturers include artificial flavorings in their products. These include elements that don’t add much to the benefits of the supplements. In fact, the additional additives might sometimes cause more harm than good. Therefore, you must carefully examine the ingredients to ensure that none are extraneous.

You can also double-check that the ingredients are non-GMO. Plus, make sure to avoid ingredients you are allergic to or do not prefer taking. This section also applies to whether a brand has declared itself to be halal, kosher, vegan, or otherwise.

Places You Can Buy Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplements:

The market is full of dupes or brands putting out sub-standard goods, so it can be easy to lose track of things. We recommend doing some research on the supplement you want and choosing a reputable brand.

Once you are satisfied, you can buy the lion’s mane mushroom supplements from the following locations:

  • Physical Stores

Head over to the supplement section of your local store. You will find plenty of reliable brands on the shelves of most major store chains. For instance, you can go to your local Whole Foods, CVS, Sprouts, The Vitamin Shoppe, or other supplement stores.

  • Online Retailers

If, for some reason, you do not want to go on a physical supplement hunt, you can opt for online shopping. Most reputable online stores stock up on lion’s mane mushroom supplements. You can use your Amazon account or another online shopping platform you prefer to get your supplements. 

One of the benefits of ordering supplements online is that the company will deliver the product to your doorstep. You are also less likely to be concerned about retailers running out of stock.

  • Brand Website

If you are looking for subscription or discount options, you will be better off shopping from the brand’s official website. Navigating these sites is surprisingly easy. You also have easy access to resources to learn more about the lion’s mane mushroom supplements or its brand. 

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to get free shipping. Another advantage is that you always know that you are getting the original product rather than a cheap knock-off.


Lion’s mane mushroom supplements are an excellent option for an energy boost or enhanced cognitive function. In any case, you need to be careful about which supplements you take and how you use them. To ensure that you get the best product, always check the ingredients and relevant safety certifications.

You should also read the product’s description and check out customer reviews. Then, once you’ve decided on a product, you can head over to the nearest store or shop for it online.