These Interesting Facts About Ants Will Fascinate You

According to BBC, there are about 100 trillion ants in the world. There are about 10,000 different species of ants in the world, and each one possesses fascinating qualities about itself. These insects may bother you feasting on your food in the kitchen, but they are quite interesting creatures.

Nevertheless, being interesting does not exclude the fact that they can create problems in the household if there is an infestation. For enquires related to pest control, call the services of Ant control in Hillsboro today. 

Interesting facts about ants 

  • Ants are powerful. 

Ants are unbelievably strong. They can carry about 10 to 50 times their weight, their strength varying from one species to another. If you are questioning why they are so strong, the answer is their small body. Believe it or not, ants’ small bodies give them a greater cross-sectional area, allowing them to produce more force. 

  • Ants have specific jobs. 

If you thought only humans had jobs, you might be wrong. Ants are social insects, and they divide jobs according to the type of ant they are. For example, the queen or queens have the job of laying eggs their entire life, while the other female ants work. Other female ants are responsible for feeding the larvae, defending the nest, taking out the trash, and searching for food. All male ants are supposed to do is mate with the queen. 

  • Ants have longer lifespans compared to other insects. 

When you read about insects on the Internet, you may have come across their lifespans which are not more than a few days, weeks, or months. While that is the same for certain species of ants, not all of them have such shorts lifespans. For example, the Queen ants of the Pogonomyrmex Owyhee species have a lifespan of around 40 years. 

  • Ants do not have lungs. 

Since they have such small bodies, ants do not have room in their respiratory system like humans. However, they have their way of respiration and transporting oxygen around their bodies. Ants have a series of holes on the sides of their bodies. These holes are connected to tubes that distribute oxygen in their entire bodies. They also release carbon dioxide from the same tubes. 

  • Ants do not have ears. 

Another body part that humans have and ants lack is ears. Instead of an auditory canal, they hear through vibrations on the ground. They have special sensors on their feet that help them identify things in their surroundings. They use the antennae and hair on their bodies while foraging for food. 

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