How Music Influences Our Sex Lives, According To Science

There are whole genres of music that psychologically affect or boost intellectual development in the human brain cells right from childhood to adolescence. Music can influence our neurological-motor disorders.

Even if you don’t have a particular genre to go to, you might have a song that clicks your behavior towards the opposite sex. Charles Darwin’s book ‘The Decedent of Man,’ “Musical notes and rhythm, were first acquired by male and female progenitors of mankind for the sake of charming the opposite sex.”  

How music changes your Sexual Preferences:  

Music can affect your sexual preferences; a person changes their attitudes and fetishes accordingly:

  • Music Genres:

Music triggers a spontaneous reaction in the human body. A song related to intimacy may produce the most alluring sexual tension between the couple. Country music or melodies lyrical music define love and sex with a connection within the partnership. This music takes on romantically that stirs the audience and is most likely to satisfy their sex life. 

Pop music takes on the younger generation that is yet to understand the intimacy with feelings. The young demographic sometimes be misled to extreme pop music and lyrics that can turn into aggression or create misalignment between reality and expectations between two people in the bedroom. 

  • Sex Genres:

The selection of the nature of music can be vital in the intimate time for the couple. The result in the different genres of music can tower the need in the sexual positions and trigger their time. The pop music lovers would go for missionary style with a more romantic setup. On the other hand, the fancy doggy style is popular with rap music lovers.  

  • Similar music taste:

The study suggests that the frequency of sex impacts when a couple or partners enjoy similar music. Considering the partner’s needs and preferences and the consent attached to lead a healthy and mutual communication during sex.

 Music can liven up the atmosphere between partners when they share the same genre of interest had sex an average of eight-time per month. Compared to partners’ diverging interest in music can correspond to six-time a month.   

  • Fetish on Run:

Fetish or sexual gratification between partners’ can liven up the foreplay along with music like EDM music lovers that lean towards strong preferences of lingerie or feet fetish; on the other hand, BDSM is popular among the group of INDIE and pop communities. Surprisingly roleplay is popular among country music lovers.

Having a fetish in sex is not taboo but have the consent of your significant other with mutual understanding and experience. The study suggests that the men’s opinion didn’t depend on their physical appearance but was affected by their taste in music. 

  • History of Music and sex service:

From the ancient era to the Middle Ages and coming to the modern era, music has found its way in amplifying diversity and making it to the social cohesion from different walks of life.

From the rulers to signatory officials of the court used music and sex as an act for pleasure and political expansion like the use of Oiran in the Edo period in Japan, providing entertainment, art, poetry as well as sexual services to the government officials, or the American brothels during 19th-century mining towns where men could eat, listen to music and pay women for their service, or the history of Harlots, women who lived as escorts in London during the 18th century offering music, entertainment in their taverns.  

  • Thrifty music and Contraception:

Music and sex complement each other, and science has proven that they stimulate the area of brain-stimulating satisfaction during intercourse. At the same time, music lovers claim to have a one-night stand and use contracepts to be careful with the spread of STDs. 

Hip-hop lovers and heavy metal lovers claimed to use contraception and protection during intimacy to the same country music fans haven’t used any contraception, particularly during intercourse. The risk of pregnancy and STDs are large, over 25% in country music fans. 

  • Influence of Music Industry:

Our culture is consumed with music, and the expectation has now grown to higher ground by popularising the sensuality of women and men together in music videos. Sex is dramatized with music as their main component attracting people of all ages.

The smooth and catchy lyrics of pop music talk about the sensuality of the body. The study suggests that music can set the mood right off the bait and enhance the stimuli in our brain reacting to the experience. The R&B fans layered sex as the art of moving along with the music like a layered color or texture one by one. 

  • Connecting with music:

Music and sex influence the life of the individual and can be symbiotic. It is best to have a good time with your partner regardless of what music genre or preferences both shares. It is up to the personal taste of both the partners and what can happen during the intimate time. Maybe there is influence or not through music but connecting with your partner can impact the attitude towards the other person’s consent. 

How to curate a playlist for your intimate time:

  • Make an impactful music playlist that will feel you powerful, sexy, and empowered, a bit of erotic boost, and boom, you are the sexy boss. 
  • Pick music that connected you and your partner from early days that pin the emotion and match the rhythm. 
  • Understanding and respecting each other preferences on music and sex. 
  • Have a longer playlist that can create an atmosphere all during cuddle time. 
  • And lastly, make sure to plan to play the song on repeat next time you want to bring that heat up.
  • Having a playlist or not or even experience, be patient and try to learn slowly, taking time and learning about your partner.


Listening to music gives you pleasure emotional attachment with your partner during your intercourse. Music can contribute to helping you in your senses physically and psychologically. So, open a playlist, experience the intimacy with your partner, and explore the pleasure with the rhythm that can be aphrodisiac.