See Plus Releases ‘The Sun’

The Sun, the newest release from See Plus, couples the indie and alternative sound that the band does so well with vocals and lyrics that are powerful in their vulnerability. Hailing from Rutherford, NJ, the single ushers in a new era of the band’s sound, which was introduced with their song I’m So Cold (released July of 2021). The Sun opens with bright guitar, laying the foundation for the instrumental while keeping with the theme of the track’s namesake. The song begs you to move along with it, but the vocals and lyrics remind you of a sense of melancholy and longing.

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You find yourself bopping your head back and forth as the vocalist desperately relays his unsuccessful attempts to avoid the things that will remind him of the person on his mind. The timing of the vocals and the instrumentals gives the track room to breathe without being empty, such as the verse in which the instrumental slows and quiets, but the faint tapping of the drum sticks remain. The break in the song where everything except the vocals cut completely to deliver the climactic, “I hope Miami’s nice” line, followed by an immediate return to the full instrumental, creates and fulfills the sense of tension and release that is indicative of any good track. The full effect of the line is not only heard, but felt by the listener. The ending of the track dips its toes into a shoegaze sound, with the instrumental swelling and becoming more consuming. This fits the track instrumentally and thematically, and closes out the sound with the same energy it begins with. See Plus manages to flip the normally paralyzing emotion of yearning on its head with The Sun. Yearning is accompanied by acceptance and happiness, and delivered through a track that is as intimate as it is infectious.