Why the fuzz over Kanye West’s ‘Eazy’ video

Reactions have continued to trail the visuals for Kanye West’s ‘Eazy’ featuring the Game. Ye, as he is known these days appears to have taken his issues with Pete Davidson to a deadly level.

In the black-and-white clip, West kidnaps a claymation man that resembles the actor who is dating his ex, Kim Kardashian. West puts a bag over the claymation man’s head, ties him to the back of his bike, and later drags him through the dirt, buries him, and plants roses on his head. West is also seen carrying a decapitated head as he raps, which was described as disturbing by users of best au online casino.

Toward the end of the video, the screen reads: “Everyone lived happily ever after except you know who,” with the word “Skete” — the name West has used to refer to Davidson — crossed out. The visual ends with the words: “JK He’s Fine.”

The song, which is named after the late West Coast rapper Eazy-E, heavily samples his 1988 debut single “Eazy Duz It” throughout and was mostly produced by Hit-Boy.

Releasing the cover for the single back in January, the skinned monkey artwork stirred up major controversy with Ye landing in hot water with the animal rights organisation PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

This song’s chorus and outro feature vocal samples from American R&B singer Michel’le, who originally performed in the intro of Eazy E’s 1988 track “Eazy Duz It” where she sings:

“He was once a thug from around the way, Eazy, but you should—”.

“I got shot up like Columbine, the Crips descended on me”

In 2001, The Game was shot five times and placed in a coma. In order to describe the magnitude of the crime in which he was involved, the Game makes a comparison to the Columbine High School shooting, in which two teenagers killed 13 people.

“There it is, there it was, Don’t interrupt just because, It’s no love, Shoulder shrug (Shrug)”

Kanye recalls his infamous brawl with Taylor Swift at the 2009 Video Music Awards. Ye interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech to tell the audience that he thought Beyoncé should have won instead, followed by a shrug that became an internet meme.

“God saved me from that crash, Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass (Who?), And my new bitch bad”

In this line, Kanye thanks God for surviving the car accident in 2002 that fractured his jaw; which can be famously heard in his breakthrough single “Through the Wire”.

He also makes reference to Pete Davidson, a comedian on SNL who is currently dating his soon-to-be ex-wife reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who filed for divorce from Ye in December 2021 with kiwicasinos.io keeping track of the celebrity news.

Kanye West vs Pete Davidson

Before the video, West had on a couple of occasions aimed jibes at Davidson. During Donda 2 listening party, the rapper reportedly warned Davidson not to ‘stand between a man and his kids’ in a threatening call out.

In one of the songs according to HollywoodLife, Kanye can be heard rapping “Never take the family picture off the fridge.”

According to fans who attended the live party he also added, “Never stand between a man and his kids. Y’all ain’t got enough security for this, y’all ain’t got enough security for this.”

He also added, “I put your security at risk, I make your security acquit like we don’t get paid enough for this.”

This lyric has gone viral shortly after Kanye, accused Kim Kardashian of putting security between him and his kids.