Richard Liu success in management and accomplishments

Richard Liu is the founder and chief executive officer of, the leading online company that reaches out to its customers within the shortest time. His company has drastically grown and expanded, becoming the world’s third-largest concerning revenue collection. Throughout his journey in his business, he has always concentrated on customer service and always committed himself to ensuring that he has delivered quality products/services to his esteemed customers.

Early this year, Richard Liu led his company to open two robot operated shops popularly known as ‘Ochama’ in the Netherlands. They’re set to open more shops in other locations such as Amsterdam and Utrecht. These new models of shops bring in new shopping formats that merge online ordering and pickup shops, where robots do all the preparations and packaging of parcels and their delivery. This marks a new beginning of

In the history of, the company has never had a physical retail store, making Ochama the very first one in Europe that offers both food and non-food services in one app. The company aims to give their customers the best shopping experience with better products and services that come with better prices. The new channel allows shoppers to order a range of products online, including fresh and packaged food.

The company has also set an automated warehouse to realize its plans to have a complete set of pickup shops where people can see the robots at work engaged in sorting out merchandise. The whole process will not involve any human assistance since the order is carried to them through the conveying belt by the robot, making it easier for the company to carry out operations without having any cashiers.

Having this technology in place is bringing the prices down by a drop of ten percent. Furthermore, shoppers can opt to wait for the next day’s home delivery of their products without going to the pickup shop point. All these operations are made easy by the level of economic development in Europe, where over ninety percent of the population lives in the cities, a critical factor that prompted Richard Liu to open Ochama. has manifested its ability in service and products delivered in other areas of operations, as evident during the Black Friday season. Their logistic infrastructure has played a significant role in expanding the company through linking it to the interior serving the local clients. However, the chain is well equipped to ensure that it meets all the customers’ demands and timely deliveries for quality and efficient services, which is the crucial goal of

However, has introduced cross-border shipping, shipping several different individual orders to minimize shipping costs per individual. This has attracted more revenues for the company through cross-border shipping. Additionally, the logistic infrastructure offers a solution to meet the seller’s needs by providing air transport and rail transport for cross-border trade. This has made business easier between indifferent continents/countries as ensures they get what they need at all times.

Richard Liu is looking forward to making the operations and services at easier and simplified. This will bring more customers on board, which will have made him feel successful. His passion and dedication for success have placed him in the limelight of china’s business, where he is renowned for his innovative strategies in making business more accessible.