Pumping Muscles in One Month: Is it Possible?

Novice bodybuilders can increase the size of their muscles with a rigorous exercise regimen, sensible, balanced, and healthy diet, and plenty of rest. Studies have shown that novice muscle builders gain about 4 pounds of muscle in one month. Those who choose to use steroids, gain muscle much faster but the use of steroids takes a toll on their health and appearance. Using safe and healthy methods to increase muscle strength and size will help long-term muscle pumping without side effects.


Healthy nutrition, regular and rigorous exercise, and resting the body are the main factors that affect muscle growth. The body type of the bodybuilder also affects the rate at which muscles grow.


Bodybuilders with ectomorph body types are tall and thin. Their body is light, their thin shoulders lack width, and their muscles are stringy. They require a stricter exercise and diet regimen to increase muscle size.


The mesomorph body type is described as a naturally athletic physique. Bodybuilders with this body type have better muscle development than other body types and lower body fat. They pump muscles easily but are prone to gaining fat and need to strictly avoid gaining weight.


Bodybuilders with this body type find it difficult to lose fat. Their limbs are shorter, their hips are narrow, and their shoulders broad. They need to follow a healthy diet and rigorous exercise routine because those with this body type gain weight easily.

Hormonal Background

Hormones are often injected into muscles to increase their size. Hormonal injections to increase the size of muscles are unhealthy and could harm healthy muscle growth.


Testosterone, a hormone produced in the testicles for men and in small quantities in the adrenal glands and ovaries for women helps to increase muscle and reduce fat. Testosterone does not pump muscle instantly. The best results are seen if exercise, strength training, and testosterone therapy are combined.


Human Growth Hormone is used to enhance sports performance and increase muscle strength. Studies have shown that injecting it is beneficial for patients who lack muscle mass, it does not significantly pump muscles for healthy bodybuilders.


Estrogen does increase the strength and mass of female muscles. When estrogen decreases after menopause, estrogen replacement therapy is used to help post-menopausal women enjoy an active life. Increasing the level of estrogen for young female bodybuilders makes them prone to injuries and decreases their athletic performance.

Important Components of Healthy Muscle Growth

Pumping muscles is good for overall health if muscles are built with four healthy components. Other quick methods of building muscles are harmful and cause unhealthy and unsightly side effects. Building muscle the healthy way is by regular exercise, rest and a healthy diet.


Weight training and resistance exercises will increase the size of muscles. Increasing the size of muscles through regular and appropriate exercise workouts is called muscle hypertrophy. During the process, the fibers of muscles are damaged and the body repairs the damage by increasing the size of muscles by fusing fibers. Regular exercises that challenge muscles increase the size of muscles.


Rest is vital in a muscle-building routine because rest prevents muscle injury and allows the body to recover and repair. To maintain pumped muscles, bodybuilders should have one weekly rest day. The rest day allows restoration of body energy.


A diet rich in proteins with carbohydrates that digest slowly helps to pump muscles quickly in a healthy way. The diet should have a high content of monounsaturated fats. Eating meals every three hours will supply energy to muscles helping them grow faster.


Pumping muscle requires a balanced approach. One needs to work on muscle building regularly to get a good pump. However, too much exercise will result in overtraining. Overtraining may contract muscles and reduce the pump. Training for five days weekly depending on the training level will help retain pumped muscles. Exercising different parts of the body each day of the week will also help retain muscle weight. Getting the help of a qualified weight trainer will help the bodybuilder customize routines and get a permanent muscle pump.

Speeding up Muscle Building

One can increase muscle growth quickly through regular healthy exercise and diet supplemented by rest. One can also try quick-fix methods like using supplements and drugs to swiftly get a pump.


Protein, Caffeine, and Creatine are popular supplements used to quickly build muscles. Protein supplements help in speeding up muscle building but protein in diets helps to maintain strong muscles long-term. Caffeine increases resistance training performance. It is not a quick method to build muscles but assists exercise-based muscle growth. Creatine is found in fish and meat. Supplements containing creatine help in the quick increase in muscle growth.


Steroids and Human Growth Hormone are injected into muscles to quickly increase their size. Steroids are harmful to health. They are known to cause cognitive deficiencies and cardiovascular diseases. They need to be injected and the injection site is prone to infection. HGH injections also have side effects. They can cause joint and muscle pain, an increase in the levels of blood glucose, and carpal tunnel syndrome. HGH prescription is needed, it requires blood work to prove hormone deficiency and a proper therapy.

Muscular hypertrophy or the increase in muscular mass results in pumped muscles. There are healthy and unhealthy ways of increasing muscular mass. Increasing muscle mass through exercise, diet and rest gives long-term benefits while other quick-fix methods have side effects that result in loss of health and beauty.