Psyclo Presents New Track ‘I’m Not Lovesick’

Psyclo pours her heart and soul into the confessional style of “I’m Not Lovesick”. Everything here features its own sense of peace behind it. The production value adds to the work’s intimacy seems to radiate from every possible angle. Firmly rooted in hip-hop, elements of pop, alternative rock, the blues, and soul further flesh out the atmosphere. The lyrics that explore emotion in such a dignified, thought-provoking fashion are the best of all. Vocals truly sell it, for it is sung with a degree of poise and sheer brutal honesty.

Graceful guitar licks introduce the piece. A sense of intimacy tends to guide the song along. Vocals entering into the fray fully flesh out the rest of the experience. With each verse, the message comes into focus. Nothing here feels rushed. Pure raw emotion reigns supreme, for this is an unadorned, straight-to-the-truth sort of experience. By making sure that it all has a distinct honesty, the song itself maintains an impressive display that holds absolutely nothing back in its relentless pursuit of the truth. Beats add to the sheer will of the work, constantly appearing to zoom in on what it means to navigate life. Evolution of the groove results in a finale that has a realistic and satisfying finale to it.

“I’m Not Lovesick” revels in the exquisite charm of Psyclo, for it taps into a sophisticated grit, one that seems to echo off into the infinite space.


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