New Video By Dici “u n i”

Navigating all that accompanies young adulthood is not an easy feat, yet 18-year-old Dici has handled it exceptionally as a rising rapper/producer. Not only does he have his own label, DICI Records, but he also has thousands of listeners worldwide and over a million YouTube views on his music videos. Fans are certainly ready for his newest song, “u n i.” Born in Milan and brought up in Miami, Dici’s unshakeable passion and drive for creating electronic music and spitting bars began in summer 2020. By 2021, his career as an artist officially launched, and his natural talent garnered attention fast. With so much progress and growth already, Dici is on track to continue riding this incredible wave of success in 2022 and onward.

Before Dici begins rapping, the picking pattern on the digitized strings sets the stage for what is in store. Then, a simple but stimulating drumbeat follows the first round of the chorus. There’s a noticeable progression as the different layers of the track join to form this powerful composition. While this urban hip-hop and EDM single has a rhythm that can easily get people moving, those who listen more attentively to Dici’s words will hear his heartfelt plea to spend the night with a special someone. With that, this song is cleverly titled as he describes all the potential he sees for “you and I” to be together. While we don’t get a glimpse of who this person might be, Dici makes it clear that he hopes they will be together through all the good and the bad.

Part of what makes the visual for “u n i” so captivating is the lighting used to focus viewers’ attention on him. Much of the setting in the video is dark, but there is consistently a spotlight facing or silhouetting Dici in all the right ways to create this cool effect. Especially when Dici makes eye contact with and performs toward the camera, viewers see him opening up to them as he shares his feelings and aspirations. From other angles, his confidence to express himself through music is impossible to ignore. He performs his raps as if he is alone in his room with no one watching or listening, even though so many people are and will be. For viewers everywhere, Dici’s connection to this song is indisputable.