New Video By Chace “Up 2 You”

Music that is relatable and memorable can be hard to find in the current overly saturated industry. To stand out, an artist needs musical talent, but they also need to have the ability to elevate their craft through poetic storytelling and creative direction. This is where R&B artist CHACE thrives. Each song is a masterpiece that speaks to real-life experiences, from relentlessly following your dreams to surviving heartbreaks. His melodic vocals effortlessly float above the easy-going beats. His music videos take the tracks to a heightened level, where each frame is a work of art.

Dive into CHACE’s creative artistry in his latest single, “Up 2 You”. Real CHACE fans will notice that the music video for “Up 2 You” is a continuation of the storyline laid out in his 2020 hit “Wrecklyss,” with the artist wearing the same bloodied white shirt holding the familiar ripped polaroid picture of his ex. “Up 2 You” captures the numb feeling that rises in you when the love of your life has ripped your heart out. Finding ways to ease his pain, CHACE falls into a spiral of partying and hooking up, but he knows deep down the only place he really wants to be is in her arms. Listen closely, and you can hear her distorted voice through the instrumentals. This isn’t like any other R&B track; it taps into your soul and speaks to the heart on something everyone can relate to. Ease into CHACE’s smooth-flowing melodies and infectious beats in “Up 2 You”.