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@skopemag news – thursday – january 20, 2022 @ 5 pm est

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Los Angeles, by way of New Jersey mutant punks Ho99o9 have a new album coming this spring, and today they’ve dropped the first song/video from it. Produced by Travis Barker, “Battery Not Included” is a seething three minutes of hardcore set to the chaotic and paranoid visuals the band has long been known for. The band notes of the song, “There’s only but so much mental & physical affliction + oppression the human psyche can indoor before they reach the pinnacle of no return. I think we’ve all had our moments where we’re fed up, our mind isn’t rational, our eyesight is only seeing red & within that sequence, emotions can get the best of us, if any. The first single is aimed to focus on once past the conscience state of no return anything is liable to happen when pushed past your limits.”

NEQUIENT: Chicago Hardcore/Metal Outfit To Release Darker Than Death Or Night LP Via Nefarious Industries In March; “First Casualty” Streaming + Preorders And Tour Dates Posted

Nefarious Industries presents Darker Than Death Or Night, the second full-length from Chicago’s metallic hardcore outfit NEQUIENT. Confirming the album for March release, the label has issued the cover art, track listing, preorders, and the lead single, “First Casualty.”

NEQUIENT is a four-piece metallic hardcore band from Chicago. Building on a foundation of thrashing d-beat, they draw influences from a broad spectrum of aggressive styles including grindcore, crust, sludge, death metal, black metal, and noise rock. The result is a uniquely punishing sound that emphasizes percussive intensity and razor-sharp hooks.

NEQUIENT – Darker Than Death or Night


Cassie Marin Shares New Single “Every Time I See The Ocean”

Infusing her harmonic electro-pop beats with ethereal R&B vocals, “Every Time I See The Ocean” is an evocative and captivating listen. Confronting the malaise of alienation, Cassie opens her heart to anyone who has ever felt misunderstood. It’s a song about searching for acceptance in a world where people expect you to remain the same, finding comfort in change, and finding strength in the solitude and pain.

Premiere: Cassie Marin — Every Time I See the Ocean

Anna Shoemaker Announces Debut Album | New Single & Video “Everything is Fine” Out Now

With the release of her debut album, Anna is breaking out of the bedroom pop world into a more mature and intentional sound, writing her feelings as though you’ve lived them alongside her. Following last year’s singles, “Change My Mind,” “Sick!” and “It’s Depression (ft. Middle Part),” “Everything is Fine” is an electrifying and propulsive addition to her upcoming album. “It’s about burning it all down until the only thing left is you,” says Anna. “You are the only person who has the power to ruin your life.” The pairing video, which was directed by Josefine Cardoni, stars Anna in her own self-destructive fantasy, burning and destroying all that surrounds her until all she has left is herself. Watch the video here.

Songwriter Amanda Rheaume releases “The Spaces In Between”

With its message of belonging, Amanda Rheaume finds a welcome groove with “The Spaces In Between,” a second new song from the Ottawa-based songwriter. Released today with a new video filmed on the shore of Lake Ontario, “The Spaces In Between” blends country rock touchstones with an earthy, tumbled finish.

Death Metal Duo HELLBORE Release New Song

Death metal duo HELLBORE have released their new single “Necrocracy” via Ghost Cult Magazine. The song is from their upcoming album Panopticon which will be released on March 18 2022.


Following the release of their pop anthem “Never A Good Time,” NOTD & The Band Camino release an official video for the track today via Island Records. The epic genre-breaking collaboration has already amassed over 4.7M global streams, and received praise from the likes of Teen Vogue, Entertainment Tonight, 1883 Magazine, and more.

Dust City Opera Releases New Single “The Unkind” // Sophomore Album ‘Alien Summer’ Out March 4

“Musically, we’re a gothic grunge orchestra,” shares Hunton. “For me, opera suggests an epic drama. We’ve applied the grandeur of opera to a rock band. Our new single ‘The Unkind’ paints a picture of trees uprooting themselves over a Halloween dance vibe. It’s a murderous plant race that comes out of hibernation once in a generation for a night of horror. They prey on humanity and go back to sleep. As a whole, Alien Summer is meant to be a harrowing adventure. There’s some exhaustion, but there are also many moments of relief. I hope you feel like you were on this journey with us.”


Stand out lyrics: “Am aiming for the biggest stars. My dream is too heavy. On the way up! I pray to God I shouldn’t lose myself.”

The song itself is Produced and mastered at Geek State Musik by the head of production, Fusa. With the success of his last project “Chinjako Step” that has hit over 10k listenership worldwide and many of his fans showing him lots of love. This year won’t be any different for the song artist. He has many great projects in store for his virtual family.

“Nasumbula” is available now on all digital platforms for streaming and downloads.

Next-Gen R&B Singer Songwriter Julian King Releases Emotionally Charged New Single “Can We Go Back”

When asked about “Can We Go Back” Julian said, “I remember sitting in my room recording this record, not knowing it would be the very song that would begin my healing, from one of the most trying dating experiences to date. I found my heart in the palm of what now feels like a stranger, and making the decision to walk away was utterly gut-wrenching. That universal feeling of wanting to go back to the days where your stomach fluttered at the sight of his name on my phone, is something I will always credit him the author for. Yet, it’s from this song on that I started writing and feeling in a way that directly mirrored the exact chapter in my story of love, which was something I didn’t do often or as intentionally. I describe this song as the backbone to the emotion of this next era of mine, and the catalyst for boys like me feeling seen. Ironically before I let him go, he ended up loving the song and requesting to hear it all the time. As much as I loved that he loved it, I knew it was over at that point. This song is for all the lovers”

Julian King Turns ‘Gut-Wrenching’ Heartbreak Into Healing With ‘Can We Go Back’

Rapper & Actress Nia Kay Releases New “Go Best Friend” Video Aimed To Spread Awareness For Type 1 Diabetes

With more than 6.9 million fans on Facebook and almost 1.6 million followers on Instagram, Nia is excited to share her new “Go Best Friend” video with her fanbase. The single is released under Smash Town Records/Tha Branch.

GU Premiere: Nia Kay Drops “Go Best Friend” Music Video