7 Ways to Counteract Muscle Pain

Experiencing muscle pain is no walk in the park. You may experience muscle pain for many different reasons. For example, it can happen from working out too much or getting injured. Furthermore, medical conditions like Lyme disease can also cause muscle pain.

So, what can you do to ease your muscle pain? Here are seven ways to lessen the pain and get back to feeling normal.

1. Rest and Relaxation

Healthcare professionals recommend resting the area anytime you’re injured. Relaxing the affected muscles is imperative to your recovery. Your body uses the time you rest to heal itself.

Sometimes you may get sore muscles from other activities. One example is taking too much medicinal marijuana. In this type of scenario, resting can counteract the effects caused by a cannabis-induced high.

You don’t want to rest too much, though. Both you and your muscles need some movement to recover. So, if you’re feeling up to it, go on a short bike ride or walk. Then, gauge how you’re feeling before tackling any intense workouts.

2. Plenty of H2O

Are you drinking enough water? Whether you’re struggling with an illness or injury, having enough water is vital. A few things water does are reduce inflammation and eliminate toxins from entering the body.

Water is also essential during and after your workouts. Water helps your joints loosen up and eliminates muscle cramps and fatigue. Furthermore, if you’re doing an intense workout on a hot day, it can prevent heatstroke.

3. The Right Foods

Food plays a big part in your recovery and pain reduction. Your muscles need the correct nutrients to repair themselves. So, eating the right food groups can make it so that you’re back on your feet in a shorter time frame.

If you’re dealing with an injury, eating foods high in calcium can aid in your recovery. One particular study found that calcium decreases pain from leg cramps. Couple that with vitamin D, and that can further muscle recovery.

As for working out, eating healthy carbs and protein are the way to go. So, meat, yogurt, eggs, and berries are all excellent examples of what helps your body.

Try to stagger your eating and have something half an hour before and after your workout. Your body needs the energy to recover, and this includes your muscles!

4. CBD Rub

Ibuprofen is an excellent way to reduce inflammation and improve your pain. But if you’d prefer to go the more natural route, a CBD muscle rub may do the trick.

It’s a bit complicated, but basically, CBD works through a series of pain-sensing systems. Through its interactions with the endocannabinoid system, for example, it has pain-relieving effects.

5. Heat

If you have Epsom salts, take a warm bath and soak in the tub. It can do wonders for your muscles. If you don’t have a bathtub, never fear. Taking a warm shower can also loosen up muscles and ease your pain.

In the same way, a heat pack can help. Although, you don’t want to leave it on the sore area for too long. You don’t want a heat rash!

6. Proper Technique

The cause of your muscle discomfort may very well be due to a lack of technique. Exercising the right way will protect your muscles from getting injured.

So, if you’re lifting weights, for example, using the proper technique is critical. If you’re unsure if you’re doing it the right way, ask a trainer. Or, a buddy at the gym may know the right way to lift weights on various machines.

Wearing the right shoes also contributes to your muscles. So wearing supportive shoes will ensure you’re using the proper technique. And, when you’re running, it’s one factor that contributes to you running in proper form.

7. Meditation

Sometimes muscle pain isn’t something that goes away right away. For example, you may have an infection that’s causing your pain, such as Lyme disease. Or, you have a broken bone that’s healing up, causing intense muscle pain.

During the recovery process, meditation can help. Concentrating on something other than your pain can help you relax. Furthermore, meditation often prompts growth as an individual.


Muscle pain is something you’re bound to experience at some point in your life. But just because you’re in pain doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution.

While it’s discouraging to experience muscle pain, now you know some ways to counteract it. So don’t give up until you find a way to start feeling like yourself again!