6 Best Ways to Reconnect Physically and Spiritually with Your Partner

Every relationship goes through ups and downs, and it is more important to concentrate on working things out when you have hit an all-time low in your relationship than when things are going just fine. Feeling a sense of disconnect, distance, and a lack of closeness is more common within couples than people tend to think.

You need to work on the basics of your relationship, give it time, warmth, love, and work on reigniting the physical intimacy to reconnect with your partner. It might sound like hard work, but it’s totally worth it. Here’s how to reconnect with your partner if things haven’t been their best lately.

Get back to talking

A majority of issues that couples face in a romantic relationship can be solved by going back to the drawing board – that is, start having those long talks that you used to have when you just started. Communication is an essential facet of a relationship and one of the best ways to reconnect in your relationship.

Talking is therapeutic, and it resolves half the issues just by opening your heart out. But remember, be open, don’t be judgemental, and be ready to work on the problems.

Be aware of what your partner is going through

If things haven’t been fine lately, there is a reason behind it, and you must get to the bottom of the issue. The best way to do it is to understand what your partner has been going through. It could be work-related stress, disappointments from the relationship, unfulfilled desires and expectations, personal challenges, lack of self-worth, or anything else under the sky.

Even if it sounds unworthy of attention to you, listening to their pangs, understanding their issues, and helping them solve those issues will make them feel important and bring those romantic and emotional feelings back.

Don’t let things get boring

Boredom in bed is one of the most common reasons for couples drifting apart. With time, sex becomes a chore, and people follow a similar sex routine. It is a recipe for disaster. Keep the spark alive and keep things interesting.

You can explore new ways of making out, new positions, or even new places.

Newness adds excitement, which will help you increase physical intimacy in a relationship. You must add some sex toys to your routine.

It is no more taboo, and couples worldwide are shedding their inhibitions and adding a whole new chapter of pleasure and excitement with sex toys.

Make plans

If you remember, talking about the future and making new plans was one of the most exciting things you did as a new couple. You looked forward to having those conversations and spent an ample amount of time in planning and execution. Get back to doing that.

Be it planning an exciting trip together, organizing a date night, planning a whole day out, or talking about how you envision your future together will add excitement and a sense of belonging. It will strengthen your bond and make you more confident about your relationship, one of the pillars of having a healthy bond.

Have more sex

Sex holds a strong relationship between physical and mental health, and enough counsellors and therapists have emphasized that. Having sex is not only physically beneficial, but it also gives you mental peace. Happy enzymes are released during the act that uplifts your mood, boosts your metabolism, and of course, increases physical and emotional intimacy between the couple.

Do small things every day

Doing small romantic things on a regular basis takes the relationship farther than indulging in rare but extravagant romantic displays. Say ‘I Love You’ often, send sweet messages, surprise them with flowers or gifts, play adult board games, help your partner in daily chores, show your support, appreciate them, have a meaningful heart-to-heart conversation, etc. Such loving, supportive day-to-day actions will build trust and pave the way for a longer, more sustainable relationship.

Relationships require hard work, but they are worth every effort. There are times when you might not feel as connected with your partner as you did earlier, but that is not something to stress yourself about. It sure requires attention and consistent efforts, but if you know how to reconnect with your partner, things are sure to fall back in place.

To save a relationship that is worth your life, you must do what it takes. Be it baring your emotions, doing small things with your partner, adding more excitement in bed with sex toys, or leaving your ego behind and apologizing. It is never too late to rekindle a disconnected relationship. If your heart is with them, how much you toil doesn’t matter. After all, love is worth it all.