AYLA releases new video for “Pleasure Is Mine”

Everyone has a story, complicated, joyful, challenging, and beautiful.

AYLA is an artist living and creating music, films, and productions in Los Angeles. She was born in Russia, emigrated to the United States some time ago at the peak of her career as a journalist.

She dropped everything and started my life from scratch.

“I took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.” Along with her, she brought her classical training, life experiences, and numerous talent to share in the most expressive way she knows.

ALYA has been recognized with critical acclaim for her 2019 single “American Beauty”, produced by grammy winning producer Bill Schnee, which carries a strong, empowering message to women across the world that was inspired by her personal story as a Russian Immigrant. “American Beauty” exposes individual uniqueness far beyond standards, cliches & politics. It is the beauty & hospitality of a country highlighting individuality, uniqueness, happiness & love.