Nick Voss Pulls Strong with New Single “Blame It On The Moon”

When it comes to Elvis Presely impersonators, few do it better than Nick Voss. In fact, Nick does it so well that he got to perform a cover of ‘Trouble’ live on national television, during an episode of the X-Factor in 2011.

Since then, Nick has been honing his craft as an original singer/songwriter, utilizing his soft, smokey voice along with his lush eclectic pop sound.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Nick has traveled the globe, including as a performer on Norwegian Cruise Line. Along this journey, Nick ended up in Naples, Italy, where he wrote “Blame It On The Moon.” Speaking about the song, Nick said “it’s an exploration of vintage style chord structures and spontaneity of creative fun, where my longing for recreational use of marijuana was at its highest. The song speaks true to how I feel about the world today, where so much is going on and people feel the need to cast blame on what’s going wrong, and I truly feel that we need to embrace the presence of ‘Mary.'”

If you’re looking for a song to relieve the stresses of today’s world, look no further than “Blame It On The Moon”. Watch the music video here: