No Serial Killer wowing audiences with a fantastic new release: Delight Of My Life

January 2022 – Artist and songwriter No Serial Killer has developed a uniquely broad sound, and he is incredibly prolific: his most recent studio album (self-titled) actually features 88 songs, which is kind of unheard of in terms of creativity and productivity! Think about it: most artists today barely can make it to a 10 songs album, especially in an age of fast-consumer-driven singles! It’s refreshing to see so much music going on, and the whole record is excellent, especially if you consider a few highlights, including the excellent track Delight Of My Life, one of the best compositions on this particular studio release. Much like the rest of the album, this song is very inspired and well-executed, providing a deeper glimpse into the artist’s remarkable sound and creative vision overall. Not a bad way to kickstart a new year of music and passion!

Learn more about No Serial Killer, and check out Delight Of My Life, as well as many other tracks from the artist’s discography directly on the project’s official Bandcamp page.