New Video By Milky Chance ‘Love Again’

Berlin’s effortlessly winning Milky Chance have updated the classic “Tainted Love,” and they’ve done it with the wit, grace, and vibrant color that characterizes all of their recordings. The cover has the same delightful, infectious characteristics as the other tracks on Trip Tape, the duo’s surprise-released collection of new material, covers, rewrites, rare tracks, sonic experiments, and marvelous pop-rock pranks.

In fact, in tone, theme, and attitude, the Milky Chance version of “Tainted Love” shares plenty with “Love Again,” the very next song on Trip Tape. So today, we’re sending you clips for both songs — both the gorgeous short film that accompanies the cover of “Tainted Love” and the ingratiating lyric video for “Love Again.” Just like the two tracks are, the clips are perfectly complementary. They’re both crisply shot, playful, endlessly rewatchable, and, above all, tremendous fun: love letters from musicians who make their affection for their listeners manifest in everything they do.

In contrast to the whimsical and spooky “Tainted Love”, the “Love Again” is a study in camaraderie, as the Milky Chance principals charge around Berlin by night, stopping to eat, play around in the street, and, most of all, enjoy each other’s company.