Versal New Album ‘Versal Volume 2’

Versal trades in a dreamy nu-jazz style on the graceful “Versal Volume 2”. He uses a cinematic flourish with such ease. Layer upon layer is crafted with care. Everything about the album features great attention to detail. Built up with care, there are orchestral and electronic elements, with some pieces of modern electronic percussion. Such an approach results in a sonic adventure that defies categorization and ensures the listener is kept on their toes.

Kept to the very essentials, “Simply” opens things up on a subdued, contemplative note. The richness from the piano wafts up into the infinite. With a unique take on doo-wop is the neon-hued bliss of “Your Eyes” featuring elastic grooves. Thoughtful, graceful synthesizer chords reminiscent of early Autechre appear, giving the song a distinct 90s IDM vibe to it. A nice hint of funk rolls through “Stages,” giving it a twisting, tender tone. Elements of David Lynch define the sheer oddity of “Kind of Pink” complete with an otherworldly sheen about it. Despite its short duration, “The Guardians of Montserrat” packs a considerable punch thanks to its fanfare. By far, the heart and soul of the album come from the patience, persistent pacing of the orchestral “Vivi Aquas Montserrate.”

Going full circle comes the finale of “Departed.”

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